What Sites Can I List My Business on

Long ago, the phone book was the essential record in every household. It contained all of the town’s phone numbers. The phone directory has gone extinct due to the invasion of technology. Business listing sites serve a similar function to phone directories.

These websites provide all of the Local Business Listing Services information for a particular region and contact information. In the early days of the internet, a business directory was thought to be the equivalent of today’s search engine.

Google My Company

 Is anyone shocked that Google My Businesses (GMB) ranks first? We aren’t! Google My Company is our top choice for getting noticed and providing detailed information because it is one of the most famous and most noticeable listing sites. Here are some of the reasons:

  • GMB links with clients both on Google Search and Maps, providing you with double the exposure.
  • GMB enables you to show local shoppers what their business is rapid.
  • GMB directs visitors to your website, location, and social media.

Google My Business provides your consumers with a comprehensive image of your business, including hours, location, reviews, and other relevant information. Because “74% of consumers visit a shop based on the data they obtained online,” having an optimized GMB page may be a significant draw for customers.

You may considerably enhance Automotive Consulting Services sales by using this free educational advertising platform to display your business to people. Begin your Google Your Business profile right away.

Google Maps

 Most people who aren’t computer knowledgeable wind up using Bing as their default browser on such gadgets and realize they like it. Another incentive to investigate Bing Places seems to be the demographics of Bing users.

Bing users are often older than 35 and between 55 and 64. These users have a total yearly family income of more than $100,000. You may have a more focused venue for these specific groups by using Bing Places.


With an estimated 2.89 billion members, Facebook is among the best channels for free company promotion. This number of users gives Facebook an excellent spot to start any social strategy, providing a visible platform for your consumers to display different elements of your brand.

Similar to GMB, you may display hours, locations, and services; however, Facebook allows you to communicate with your clients more effectively. Having a Facebook page and connecting with clients can help you enhance customer retention. Research shows that 26% of individuals aged 18 to 34 prefer to contact a firm via social media.


To maintain our focus on customer experience & retention, we have placed Yelp at number four. Yelp is a well-known customer-review website. A monthly median of 142 million individuals frequents Yelp, giving your business a lot of exposure.

Local companies can also benefit significantly from Yelp. According to one survey, 92% of Yelp visitors made a local purchase. Yelp is the new “word-of-mouth” system in this digital age, and we’re here to support this ever-changing marketing method.

Maps by Apple

With millions of consumers in over 200 nations, we don’t see why your company shouldn’t be included on Apple Maps. Apple Maps allows consumers to explore whatever location they are in,

providing them with various possibilities during a quest, one of which may be your company. Apple Maps also displays Reviews on yelp on its business directories, displaying all of your positive feedback.


Foursquare is a social networking program that allows you to share your location with friends. It has evolved into a location-data powerhouse in recent years. Foursquare collects business location data & distributes it to other companies and services, such as Uber, Airbnb, & Apple Maps. Get your info from the source to ensure accuracy.

Bradstreet And Dun

Dun & Sequin is indeed a commercial data provider for businesses. While you may not seek business-to-business clients, D&B is a crucial data supplier for numerous major consumer business directories.

When you establish a complimentary listing on our site, you are producing correct data just at source, guaranteeing that excellent data on your business gets propagated everywhere on the web.

Yellow Pages

Yellowpages.com, which has since been renamed YP.com, is ranked ninth. This is the updated and better version of your parents’ giant phonebook. Yellow pages have a new style and more social material and features in response to competition from Google and Yelp. They also send listings to a variety of syndication partners. 


LinkedIn isn’t exactly a site where individuals go to find companies, but it has robust business listing features, and the domain carries a lot of weight. LinkedIn is among the most popular sites for company decision-makers, such as executives and CEOs. Thus a listing here is beneficial for business-to-business visibility.

How Can I Register My Company With Local Search Engines?

Add Your Company’s Website

You may submit the URL of your company’s website to the main search engines so that it appears in search results. Sign up for Google Technical Seo to enter your company’s website URL. To submit the website, enter the website URL and also the captcha.

Final Verdict

Potential customers are the foundation of your internet marketing approach. The initial step in your marketing strategy should be registering with free company directory sites.  Another strategy to boost your website’s ranking is to submit articles to Article Submission Sites. This can help to enhance your website’s ranking on the SERPs.

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