Top 5 Responsible Pet Ownership Tips for New Pet Owners

Responsible pet ownership begins and ends with you. Here are five must-know tips to prepare your home and adjust your lifestyle so that your new friend has the best life possible.

Around 85 million families have a pet at home. If you’re ready to join them, you might be wondering what you need to do before bringing your new friend home.
Pets bring so much to our homes and to our lives. Having a furry (or feathered, or scaly) friend at home can even improve our mental and physical health.

1. Know Your Limits

Every pet is different and has its own unique needs. Just because you want a certain type of pet doesn’t mean that they’re a good fit for you.
For example, a dog needs a lot of attention, exercise, and walks. If you travel for work often, you won’t be able to meet those needs so make sure you know your limits and what you can offer.

2. Pet Proof Your Home

Before you bring home your new pet, you need to minimize any danger in your home. For example, dogs can get into garbage and choke on something inside, or rabbits can chew on wires and get electrocuted.
Talk to your local vet about any precautions you should take for your unique pet. Make sure your home is a safe and secure environment.

3. Meet Their Health Needs

Speaking of your vet, your pet has health needs you have to stay on top of. There are certain basics you need to take care of as a new pet owner.
You’ll need to get them fixed so they don’t contribute to overpopulation, get any shots or vaccines they might need, and get them microchipped. Every year they’ll need check-ups on top of any emergencies that might come up, too.

4. Prepare for Emergencies

You have an emergency evacuation plan for your family in case of a natural disaster. As a responsible owner, you’ll need one for your furry friend, too.
Make sure you have an emergency plan in place for your pets along with your human family members. Put together any papers, carriers, and emergency food you’ll need in case of evacuation.

5. See Their POV

What is your pet thinking? Gaining insight into your pet’s POV can help you create the best environment for them. Notice what your pet likes and doesn’t like. Find out what activities they enjoy, treats they love, toys they play with, and more.

A lot of behavioral problems can be solved by simply observing your pet’s reactions to the world around them. Be the best parent you can be and see their point of view.


The Key to Responsible Pet Ownership

Our guide to responsible pet ownership will help you and your new friend live together in harmony. It takes a little time and effort but it’s worth it to reap the joys of owning a pet.

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