Best Royal Palaces on Udaipur Lake

Best Royal Palaces on Udaipur Lake

A few years ago, when I visited Udaipur for the first time, I was fascinated by the city’s captivating beauty and royal grace. The beautiful forts and castles, the stately City Palace, the charming lake Pichola, the adventurous lake Badi, and the charming cafes are just a few of the many sights to see in Udaipur.

Udaipur held a special place in my heart, therefore I went back there. It was such an amazing experience to run across an old flame! But this time, I believed that a glut of tourists was robbing Udaipur of its old-world allure. There is still much to learn about this city of love and lakes, including a great taste of royalty.

Royal Places That You Can Visit In Udaipur?


The Royal City Palace of Udaipur

The stunning City Palace of Udaipur, which is located on the coast of Lake Pichola, is the largest palace in Rajasthan. It is the perfect example of Marwar architecture, with some finely carved balconies, windows, colorful tint glasses, marble and mirror work, and large halls! You may discover more about Maharaja life in Udaipur in the palace’s museum and crystal exhibit.


Boat Ride Lake Pichola

In Udaipur, a boat ride on the stunning, sparkling Lake Pichola is a must-do excursion. Along the way, you’ll pass the well-known Lake Palaces, Jagat Niwas Palace, Gangaur Ghat, and Ambrai Ghat. Boat excursions at sunset are wonderfully soothing and engrossing.


Sunset at Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat is my go-to location in Udaipur to unwind on a quiet evening. Many visitors simply sit by the lake to watch the water’s colors shift as dusk falls. From the Ambrai Ghat, one can also view the lovely City Palace shining in the dark.


Sajjangarh Fort

Sajjangarh fort was converted from the Marwar kingdom’s astronomical center to a fort following the death of Maharaja Sajjan Singh. It is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, which provide stunning views of the city of Udaipur and its lakes.


Royal King’s Classic Car Museum

The Udaipur Kings took their carriages very seriously! One of these cars was featured in a Bond movie. This magnificent collection of cars, which is on exhibit at the Udaipur vintage car museum, is still owned by the Maharaja.


Karni Mata Temple

Nothing else compares to the morning and evening views of the city from the Karni Mata shrine. Another interesting feature of the shrine is the roughly 25,000 black rats that live there.

To get to the shrine, either take the ropeway from Deendayal Upadhyay Marg or ascend stairs from Dudh Talai. Walking up the steps will take roughly 20 minutes, which is faster than using the ropeway.


Morning Walk by Gangaur Ghat

Morning strolls are the best time to experience a city’s true energy. You’ll notice empty streets, merchants setting up their stores, and people en route to the temple for early morning prayers. Sounds very different from the bustling noon markets, don’t you think?

At Gangaur Ghat, you may see locals feeding hundreds of birds in the early morning. Enjoy the energy of the morning while sitting by the lake. Personally, I enjoy these peaceful moments.

Rajasthani Folk Dance at Bagore ki Haveli

This haveli was built by Amarchand Bawa, one of the Mewar dynasty’s ministers, and it has a special allure. It’s going to take you back in time. The Haveli was built for the King’s Minister; don’t contrast it to the lavish City Palace.

It also includes a wonderful selection of puppets. Additionally, be there a little bit before 7 o’clock in the evening to catch a performance of Rajasthani traditional dance.


Badi Lake

The well-known trekking area near Udaipur was recently found by a traveler. The less crowded Badi Lake is 10 km away from Fateh agar Lake. The peaceful ascent, sweeping lake views from the summit, and mesmerizing sunset make it worthwhile.


Stay options in Udaipur?

If spending money is not a concern and you’re seeking a luxury hotel in Udaipur, then this city may satisfy all of your requirements.

There are various possibilities if you’re a lone traveler or have a limited budget and are looking for a hostel in Udaipur.

How Many Days Are Enough to Explore Udaipur?

Give yourself three to four days to explore Udaipur thoroughly. For this picturesque city in Rajasthan, allot at least two days if you just have a short window of time.


There are a lot of places in Udaipur that are close enough to walk between. I adore traveling to new locations to check out boutiques, eateries, and independent art galleries. You can also rent a bicycle.

Additionally, Udaipur’s roads are getting busier, dustier, and more polluted as one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. Consequently, travel sensibly and opt to stroll.


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