7 Ways to Get Free Backlinks to Your Website

 7 Ways to Get Free Backlinks to Your Website


There are so many ways to get backlinks that it’s almost overwhelming. There are blog comments, social media, article directories, and more. But these aren’t the only places where you can get free backlinks. How do you find those hidden gems that will help you grow your website? There are plenty of different ways to get backlinks for your website. 


But not all of them are going to be a great fit for your site. You need to find the sites that suit your audience and bring value to them.


not any site that will link back to you in exchange for a link from you. With that anyhow, let’s take a look at some of the most common and effective ways of getting free backlinks:


Guest Blogging


Guest blogging on another website is one of the best ways to build backlinks and get traffic to your site. The best part is that you’re not actually linking to your own site, but rather another site. This means that you don’t have to worry about your link castigating. 


Finding blogs in your niche that accept guest posts can be a bit of a challenge. The best way to do this is to use Google.


Try searching for things like:

  1. blogs that accept guest posts
  2. write for us
  3. guest post submission websites
  4. free guest post websites list


Another option is to go to Reddit and use the /r/bloggers sub-board. Once you’ve found some blogs, you can reach out to them. 


Try to be original and don’t spam them. You’re likely to get deleted if you send the same message to every blog you come across. Include a link back to your website and some samples of your writing.


Publishing Partnerships


Publishing partnerships are less understood than guest blogging,

but are gaining popularity, especially in the health niche. 


Free backlinks with Press Releases


Press releases are an old tactic but one that is still effective. They are newsworthy information about your website or product,

that you write and then distribute to various news sites to publish on their website and link back to your site. To get started with press releases you need to find a website that publishes press releases. 


You can use any search engine to find them or you can go to Reddit and look in /r/Publicity. You can either write a press release or hire a content writer to do it for you. after publishing your press release, you’ll get a backlink from the website.


Free backlinks with Product Placement And Ads


If you have a product, you can place it on other websites in a way that will get you backlinks. Let’s say you have an e-book about dog training. You can place ads on websites related to that topic. These ads usually have a page and a link that points back to your website.


You can also place your product on other people’s websites by doing product placement. For example, if you sell dog leashes, you can place them on websites related to dog training. This will help both you and the owner of the site. 


To get started with product placement and ads, you need to find websites related to the niche your website is in. You can use any search engine to find them. Once you’ve found some sites, you can reach out to them and explain that you’d like to do product placement on their site.




Now that you know all about getting free backlinks, what do you do next? Well, you need to remember that these are not any links. They are links from sites that are relevant to your content and your business. 


You should always be careful not to over-optimize your website

and risk getting slapped with a penalty from Google.


Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to get the links you need to grow your website without spending a dime.

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