Which are the Best Hand Sanitizers?

 Which are the Best Hand Sanitizers?



In these troubling times of the pandemic, hand sanitizers are everywhere. Their demand and usage have grown exponentially since the onset of the coronavirus but even before the virus, these hand sanitizers were extensively used because they supply tons of protection from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Hand sanitizers are usually of two types,

 they’re either alcohol hand sanitizer gel or alcohol-free hand sanitizer gel. People are often confused between these two options and for very valid reasons so. If you happen to be someone who is confused between the 2 options and wishes some clarity to form up your mind,

then you’re reading the proper article at the proper time, because during this piece we’ll highlight the pros and cons of every choice to find out which one is that the better option for you. So without much further ado, let’s get started!


The Pros and Cons of Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

Just like the name very well implies, alcohol hand sanitizer gel contains alcohol which is a very good antiseptic ingredient for combating germs and bacteria. The alcohol hand sanitizer gel is amongst the most efficient hand sanitizers. One of the biggest cons of alcohol hand sanitizer gel is the potential toxicity hazards if you happen to ingest the same.

Thus it is very important to keep the alcohol hand sanitizer gel, out of the reach of children. There is a very high alcohol concentration in alcohol hand sanitizer gel which means that it can lead to acute alcohol poisoning in both children as well as adults.


It is sensible to use alcohol hand sanitizer gel over and above the opposite variants available within the market but that being said you ought to use the alcohol hand sanitizer gel carefully because if you employ it excessively then it can cause dryness and cracking on your hands. 

Issues like skin irritation and dermatitis also can happen if you extensively and excessively use the alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Another issue with alcohol hand sanitizer gel is that it will prove to be very damaging to the walls also because of the floors.

All of that being said, it must be noted that despite the potential cons and hazards, alcohol hand sanitizer gel continues to be the foremost used sanitizer in most hospitals and healthcare facilities.


The Pros And Cons Of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

The alcohol-free hand sanitizers provide an equivalent level of protection as alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The alcohol-free hand sanitizers are non-flammable which makes them tons less toxic as compared to their alcohol-based counterparts. The alcohol-free hand sanitizers are tons easier on the hands and they are easily harmful if ever they’re accidentally ingested.

The alcohol-free hand sanitizers also provide extensive protection as compared to their alcohol-based counterparts. Despite the various benefits of alcohol-free sanitizers over their alcohol-based counterparts, they’re less frequently utilized in hospitals and other healthcare settings.


The Bottom Line – Which Option Is The Best For You?

Now that we’ve gone through the pros and cons of every option, it can easily be said that both choices happen to be pretty effective in killing harmful microbes. the selection that you simply should eventually make should depend upon your budget and your personal preferences. If you plan to use the sanitizers in schools, manufacturing facilities,

or rehab centers then you’re advised to choose alcohol-free hand sanitizers. For hospitals and healthcare settings, you ought to choose alcohol hand sanitizer gel. If you plan to use it for private usage with the aim of carrying it in your backpack or handbag then you’re recommended to travel for alcohol hand sanitizer gel.


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