The Truth Behind Young Dolph’s Death


Young Dolph's Death

Memphis Police Department Chief CJ Davis said officers responded to a shooting at a cookie shop at around 12:30 p.m. where the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting At The Cookie Shop

According to a report by the Memphis Commercial Appeal, police are looking for two male suspects that were armed with an AK-47 and a pistol. The one who pulled the trigger remains at large and police are still working on the motive behind the shooting.

Following the shooting, there was a strong police presence at the scene.

Apparently, the rapper was with three members of his entourage, who were unharmed in the shooting.

The rapper was in town to perform at the FedEx Forum on Wednesday, February 21. But around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, he was shot at the G Thang Ha Ha Restaurant on Whitehaven.

Several videos of the incident were captured and uploaded to social media, which showed the gunmen arguing with several people and then firing several shots at the restaurant.

young dolph bodyguard

What Was Young Dolph’s Reaction?

Memphis Police say they have identified the person who shot Young Dolph outside the business and now they are searching for him.

‘They’ve been looking for him in Memphis and so far we have not been able to find him,’ Davis said.

‘We believe he’s still in the Memphis area, he might be driving a Grey Jeep Cherokee, we don’t know.

Why Did It Happen?

“Dolph was coming out of the store and exchanged words with people in a black four-door car,” Chief Davis said. “We believe that car was used in this shooting.”

Dolph was later pronounced dead at Regional Medical Center.

His friends claim that someone in the car hit him with a gun.

“They flew him to the hospital,” the rapper’s attorney Steve Sadow told TMZ. “He was there for a few minutes and came back out to the parking lot and got into an altercation with someone else and that’s when the shots were fired. This didn’t have to happen.”

His murder leaves many wondering what happened and why it was a hit.

Other Suspects From The Crime Scene

At the crime scene, officers found the victim, identified as Young Dolph, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The rapper was later pronounced dead. He was one of the suspects that wanted to kill Dedrick Askew, another suspect wanted in connection with the crime, but Askew shot and injured Dolph instead, according to reports.

“It’s no question in my mind that the trigger was pulled first and that was what started this whole event. Mr. Dedrick Askew decided he was going to kill Young Dolph,” Chief Davis said during a press conference.

Chief Davis also clarified that Dedrick Askew shot at Dolph’s bodyguard, who was not injured. “There were three individuals that came in (to the store). They came in with the intent to do harm. Their plan was to shoot Young Dolph,” said Chief Davis.

Revenge for Yo Gotti

We are confident that, based on the evidence we have right now, this was not a random shooting,” she said. “And that it was basically a retaliation shooting for an incident that had occurred some time ago.”

Davis said Yo Gotti is not a person of interest at this time but that the rapper, along with his crew, was spotted in the area of the crime.

Yo Gotti & Young Dolph were spotted together in Memphis shortly before Young Dolph’s death. Yo Gotti was in town for his upcoming show. 

Random Shooting For Publicity

In a Tweet last night, Young Dolph’s team confirmed his death and stated that his next show would be on Saturday, February 24.

The shooter, who has not yet been identified, is on the run and considered armed and dangerous, reports WREG.

On Feb. 19, rapper Young Dolph was shot and critically injured as he was on his way to perform at Stax Music Academy in Charlotte, N.C.

Young Dolph’s Last Tweet 

Young Dolph's Last Tweet

Young Dolph said that he was ‘way before his time on Twitter


Early reports suggested the rapper was a victim of an attempted robbery. But the narrative changed as police now suspect that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity.

Now, police are looking for a Hispanic male in his 20s with long hair, a pierced left ear, and tattoos on both arms. The man has been seen driving a white van in the area the day of the shooting.

The rapper’s real name is Adolph Thornton Jr., who was considered one of the hottest new artists in the country.

fires in south Memphis have left one dead, one injured, and 7 others in danger. 7 victims, including a 14 yr old male have been transported to hospitals in critical condition.

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