Sandhan Valley Trek | Most Exciting Place

Sandhan Valley Trek | Most Exciting Place

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Sandhan Valley Trek is perhaps the most enchanting drop journey close to Mumbai, Maharashtra. The rappelling action engaged with this journey makes it a gutsy trip. The journeying trail goes through a thin brook in the middle of two rough slopes close to Samradh Village.

 During storm season, a similar path transforms into a pathway of a waterway and throughout the late spring, it turns into a traveling trail. This Sandhan Valley Trek blog of mine will give you point-by-point data about this journey including a nearby guide’s contact in Samradh Village.

The most effective method to go after Sandhan Valley Trek from Mumbai

By Road: You can arrive at Samradh Village situated in Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra by means of Mumbai Nasik Highway and afterward towards Bhandardara. It is hard to arrive at this spot in the event that you don’t know about the course. You can select to recruit a drive and a taxi who knows about the course.

Via train: Take any train on the Central Line of Mumbai heading towards Kasara. The second you get down at Kasara you will locate various cabs arranged on the western side exit of the station. You can choose any of them who consents to drop you at Samrad (Charge INR 600 least). Take the quantity of the driver for any further excursions.

Base village : Samrad

It is one of the towns having geographically best area. This town is encircled by incredible pinnacles of Maharashtra like Ratangadh, Ajoba Hills, Kalsubai, Alang, Madan, and Kulang. It fills in as the base town for two of the ‘must-do journeys around Mumbai in particular: Sandhan Valley Trek and Alang-Madan-Kulang Trek.

As a rule, adventurers arrive at the town on the earlier evening of the journey and rest in the bathrooms exceptionally made for them in the edges of the town. You can contact the guide who will mastermind your bathroom and the morning meal for the following morning.

Two washrooms are developed close by the bathrooms which are generally bolted around evening time yet can be opened on solicitation toward the beginning of the day.


Sandhan Valley journey, in contrast to different trips, is favored for plummeting the strong rocks and the lofty course typically loaded up with water in a rainstorm. It is said that after every rainstorm season the example of rocks in the course changes.

Be prepared to wash up at the beginning of the path as you should stroll through a puddle around 3-4 feet down. Changing garments is anything but a savvy thought as the wet fabric will just add to your hefty pack. The garments would unquestionably evaporate because of body heat simply in a couple of moments.

Trekking and Rappelling

The underlying pathway is very lovely as the warmth of the Sun doesn’t arrive at the brook like a valley. From that point, the most energizing piece of the Sandhan Valley Trekking starts. You must be prepared for the endeavor of rappelling down a 50 ft steep profound divider. By and by, following a couple of moments, you should slide into an opening and rappel down with the assistance of a rope. Also, again inevitably, not long prior to arriving at the rest point, you will rappel down for the third time.

Tips for Trekking

It is fitting to convey a camping bed and a tangle with the goal that you can stay in bed open. As it is a valley at low tallness, it isn’t excessively cold around evening time. Subsequently, it is sensible to rest without tents.

You ought to reach as right on time as conceivable to consume a legitimate space; as during seasons, there are around 400-500 adventurers which may make a lack of room.

Lunch for the journey of the day must be conveyed by you. The supper will be given to you by the townspeople/manage at the late evening outdoors ground.

Kindly convey your own tiffin for the supper and maintain a strategic distance from the use of thermocol dishes instead of the common actuality, it isn’t BIODEGRADABLE.

Keep the Valley clean for the following bunch of adventurers and convey your plastic waste to the town where they have the appropriate course of action for the removal.

Keep in mind: Let the valley hold its excellence. Try not to litter the course.


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