Beginners Treks In India

Beginners Treks In India

Hello, friends today I came up with a fresh and new exciting topic that has been frequently searched by the younger generation for the last 2-3 years, after watching trekking videos on YouTube

If you are a beginner then you must read carefully what I’m going to be writing in this blog, because that would help you in trekking. The first thing that you need most is your rainwear, in the mountains, you never know when it’s going to rain and it could rain very heavily within a minute.

So you must carry your rainwear and a rain cover for your bag. It could be a poncho, maybe a rain jacket & pants and anything. The second thing that you need most is one warm layer. I cannot tell you how important this access is, you’ll start using it right from the time, you are driving to the base camp when the air gets chilly. The next thing that you must need always is your water bottle.

The next thing you should have is your headlamp. Now on the trail, you don’t need to use this much. But when you reach the campsite you feel the need for it when it is dark already.

Things You Need to Carry

The next thing you must have is of course your medical kit. Now your medical kit, I wouldn’t recommend buying a very elaborate one if you trekking with any trekking group, make sure you have all the high-altitude medicines required. The next thing is the toilet roll. Because most of the places are not in India but out of India also you can’t get the proper toilet in trek or campsite.

The next thing you must have while you are going to high altitude is a woolen cap to cover your ears for cold winds. The next thing you have is a light pair of gloves to protect your figures from cold and also from cutting down on the mountain during climbing. So you need to carry two pairs of gloves, a light fleece glove, and synthetic gloves.

The next thing and a modern-day requirement is a power bank to charge your phone during trekking. The next thing is pocket snacks. If you are a foodie person then you must carry pocket snacks because it is not possible to cook food during the trekking so, if you feel hungry then you put your hands in your pocket and you eat that. They usually dry fruits, peanuts, or something like that, so you can take it out and eat it whenever. 

Now I’m going to tell you the places where a beginner can go and trek without any proper knowledge of trekking. And these places are not very much risky for a newcomer.

Hampata Pass

The first one on my list is Hamta Pass, which lies at an altitude of 4270 m on the Pri Panjal Range in the Himalayas of Kullu District. It starts from Manali which is at an altitude of 2050 m and reaches an altitude of 4270 m. It’s an easy place to hike through the valley

Kedarnath Trek

The second one is Kedarkantha Trek; it’s also a mountain peak of the Himalayas of Uttarkashi District in Uttarakhand, India. Its mountain range started from Sivalik Hills and ended at Garhwal Himalaya. It’s at an altitude of 3810 m. The climbing reason for Kedarkantha starts from a small village known as Sankri.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek

The third is Kasol Kheerganga Trek, it’s a small trek of 12 km and is located in Barshaini of Kullu District of Himachal. Normally, 6-7 hrs require completing whole the trek and it’s a 2 days trek. 

Sandakphu Trek

Forth one is Sandakphu Trek; it’s a mountain peak in the Singalila Ridge on the border of India and Nepal. It is an altitude of 3636 m which is the highest point of this ridge and the state of West Bengal, India. It’s a two-day trek and it covers 17 km.

Kuari Pass Trek

Fifth and last on my list is Kuari Pass Trek, this trek starts from a small village near Joshimath in the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand called Dhak. It is at an altitude of 3815 m. It’s a 4-6 day trek. 



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