How to Match Your Necklaces with Your Favorite T-Shirt?

How to Match Your Necklaces with Your Favorite T-Shirt?

Any season is the right season for a t-shirt. In warmer months, it’s the most practical and comfortable solution while still staying fashion-forward. And in the colder months, cool t-shirt designs pair so beautifully with other clothing items that it’s the quintessential go-to for every fashionista.

Matching a necklace with a t-shirt is not always so simple though.
So we’ll take a look at the best ways to dress up a t-shirt without being too understated or going over the top.

So Many Cool T-Shirt Designs

Gone are the days when a t-shirt was simply a one-dimensional garment that served as a means to advertise bands, brands, or family reunions.
Now the t-shirt is a true fashion statement. 

So why not accessorize? We’ll take a look at the best necklaces to pair with different types of t-shirts.

1. Print T-Shirt

If you have a favorite shirt with graphic prints and/or drawings, you can get creative with necklace choices. 

But you want to be careful not to get too creative. Otherwise, it’ll be overkill.
It’s tough to go wrong with a medium-length necklace with some colorful charms.

2. Plunge Neck T-Shirt

The plunge neck is the perfect choice when you want a classy yet casual all-in-one. To make the whole look more sophisticated, 

accessorize with long necklaces that either cascade to follow the neckline, or have a pendant for a striking focal point.
Either way, you’ll achieve that rock star look.

3. Solid Black T-Shirt

There’s nothing quite so classy as a slimming all-black outfit. Even if it’s a comfy black t-shirt that’s part of the ensemble. With black, there’s so much room to play.

You can go with a necklace with colorful elements that will really pop against the black shirt. Consider crystals or rhinestones, then pair it with a black leather jacket for the ultimate in chic.

4. V-Neck T-Shirt

The nice thing about a V-neck is that so many necklaces sit on the chest with a natural V-shape that mirrors the neckline of the shirt. Go with a short or medium-length necklace and consider adding a Y-shaped pendant. Perhaps even two!

5. Patterned T-Shirt

If your favorite t-shirt is not basic or plain color, accessorizing is more of a challenge. It’s easy to tip right over into excessive. Your best bet is to choose a necklace that has clean lines. Then spruce it up with a large solid-colored pendant that won’t compete with the pattern.

6. Crew Neck T-shirt

This one is simple. The bib or collar necklace is the perfect accent piece to anchor and balance the curve of the neckline of the popular crew neck design.

7. Asymmetrical T-shirt

Is your favorite t-shirt asymmetrical or off the shoulder? If so, go for a long model necklace with a pendant, or enriched with metal accents or cascading fringes. The latter will deliver the classic boho look.

Dress up Your T-Shirt

No matter which of the above cool t-shirt designs is your favorite it’s easy to give it some extra flair and sophistication with the right necklace.
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