How Much Corona Vaccine Can Control The Epidemic ?

Corona Vaccine

According to the World Health Organization

Geneva, the regional director of the World Health Organization


the corona vaccine is not a silver bullet that will eradicate the epidemic, we must be prepared to deal with the worst situation.

A senior official at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland, has called for greater caution in the wake of the covid 19 epidemics, saying there is little hope for the coronavirus vaccine

Dr. Takeshi Kasai

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, as long as the Coronavirus is present, we are all at risk,

According to a foreign news agency. We must continue to prepare for the worst

Takeshi Kasai requested young people under the age of 40 and social activists to do everything possible to protect themselves and everyone around them from infection, despite the anxiety and uncertainty caused by Corona.

The high officials said,

You can protect the lives of people in your community by following the advice of health officials

Takashi Kasai added further

I’m requesting you, please think about the people whose lives are in great danger because of covid-19
he requested the youth to think of the doctors and workers who have been working day and night to treat patients who have been tired for almost a year now


The Regional Doctor

The Covid 19 vaccine is not a silver bullet that will eradicate the epidemic in the near future. Developing a safe and effective vaccine is a different matter but It is another thing to produce it in the right amount and to reach every patient in need

Furthermore added

Frequent washing of hands, wearing of masks, social distance, as well as the risk of transmission, should be avoided
Right now, we as individuals must continue to take precautions that will reduce the spread of the virus, protecting our families and our communities,” he added. By doing so, we can hopefully move into 2021

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