How to Make Perfect Eyebrows

Make perfect eyebrows

How to Make Perfect Eyebrows Hacks

Eyebrows are an essential part of your beauty, your makeup is incomplete without making your eyebrows right

imagine you are going on a special evening, party or maybe a wedding, you are ready with a gorgeous black dress, high heels, and have done pretty good makeup, and yet your eyebrows look thin and dull, so what are you are going to do?

just go with it? of course not

give some time to your eyebrows too

if your eyebrows aren’t completely checked everything will be off

start reading this article, we have written this to help you in making your perfect eyebrows

How to make Perfect eyebrows

When applying color on eyebrows  it is very important to combine it with the skin of the face and hair color, otherwise, it may look ugly


Avoid black on all

Eyebrows should not be given a dark color, it looks very strange on the face of all ages. Also, very thin and very long eyebrows don’t suit everybody

Block color suits on people with black hair

the same goes which the brown hair



The eyebrows should start in the alignment of the eyebrows, with the eyebrows at the center of the eyebrows and the ends at the corners of the eyes

we all want to look our eyebrows as symmetrical as possible

there are three main things

  1. Starting of eyebrow

  2. Centre of eyebrow

  3. End of the eyebrows

  1. Starting of eyebrow

Starting of the eyebrow is very important and it changes your face look

it can actually make your nose look more narrow and wider

Most people think that they are supposed to take off their eyebrows at the end of the nose

however, everybody has different shaped nostrils

some people have wide nostrils, some very wide, and some have very small nostrils

Regardless you should not measure it at the end of  your nose, you should measure it  at the ball of your face

you can use a brush or pencil and see where exactly your eyebrow starts

so start it from here and start making it

2-Centre of eyebrow

The Centre of the eyebrow is your arch

even if you have a very straight eyebrow everybody has a kind of a little bit of an arch

so what you have to do is now, go at the end of your nostril this time and cross directly on your eyeball

that’s  exactly where your arch should land

repeat the same procedure on the other side.

this is going to help you with the side of the symmetry

3-End of the eyebrows

Lastly for the tip of your eyebrows to decide how far you want to draw or how far you want to pluck

take the same thing at the end of the nostrils, line it up with your eye,

Your pencil should touch the end of your hair

and that’s it, it’s the are where your eyebrow much end

don’t draw too far, hope you get it

Skin With Orange Tune

Some people’s facial skin is orange in tone. If the eyebrow is blended with purple or burgundy eye pencil on such a color, the facial expressions will emerge and look beautiful.

Grow Natural Thick Eyebrow

if your eyebrows aren’t naturally thick, well don’t need to worry, just rub or massage your eyebrows for about 3 to 4 minutes with olive oil coconut oil and leave them

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