Can green tea Help to Prevent Coronavirus?

Can green tea Help

Can green tea Help to Prevent Coronavirus? Although we all know Green tea has lots of benefits such as

And a lot more however one of the most efficient these days could be preventing coronavirus

According to an American expert

Green tea contains a chemical that can stop the coronavirus

This chemical is additionally found in grapes and bittersweet chocolate.

A study within the US state of North Carolina has discovered a special chemical inside green tea, grapefruit, and bittersweet chocolate that forestalls the spread of another but the damaging strain of the coronavirus.

 Coronavirus contains MPRO

Experts say the virus contains an enzyme called MPRO Because of the MPRO, the virus spreads rapidly

But it is found that green tea and a type of musk grape contain a chemical that prevents the virus from spreading.

These enzymes aren’t only essential for human health, but viruses also consider them to extend their numbers. Consistent with research in North Carolina, if this enzyme is controlled, the growing number of viruses will stop.

According to experts, if this enzyme is somehow removed, the virus itself is destroyed. When a chemical of green tea was placed on the virus within the laboratory, it stuck to the MPRO and stopped it from doing any work

Experts say that although grapes and bittersweet chocolate contain this chemical, green tea is unique because it contains 5 chemicals that destroy MPRO.

The research was published within the journal Frontiers in Plant Science and includes support from the US Department of Agriculture

To keep healthy and prevent coronavirus start taking Green tea, and get  lots of benefits in return

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