How to Protect Your Skin and Eyes from Unseen UV Rays


How to Protect Your Skin and Eyes from Unseen UV Rays

Most people understand the importance of protecting their skin and eyes from the sun, but this is especially important while driving. This is because most people do not sense UV rays through glass windows.

In fact, according to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), a non-profit organization, driving is an important source of exposure to UV rays that can cause skin cancer and cataracts.

Automotive window films provide an important layer of protection from UV rays and heat/glare, especially when combined with tinted car window glass.

As part of a dermatology study by the Skin Cancer Foundation, researchers used a spectroradiometer to show that drivers in the United States are at risk of skin cancer due to exposure to UVA rays through car windows. This can put both vehicle occupants and pedestrians at risk.

All quality window films block 99% of UVA rays and help reduce the sun’s exposure to harmful UVA rays. But according to the IWFA, even the dark glass window film popular in many vehicles today may not provide adequate UVA protection if not treated.

Some of the main advantages of automotive window films are:

automotive window films

Protect your skin and eyes. Window films reduce the exposure of your skin and eyes to UVA rays, increase visibility, reduce eye strain, and most films help you stay cool on hot summer drives. It helps to reject more than 50 percent of the sun’s heat.

Protect your car. The sun will have no effect on the inside of your car thanks to window film. It also prevents blurring and upholstery breakage. In addition, window film increases the efficiency of the side and rear window glass in the event of an impact or accident as well as frustrating the thief catching the thief.

Protective automotive window films can be installed quickly and easily, usually through a professional window film installer within hours. To further assist customers and professionals, IWFA has developed a guideline to describe the visual quality expected after installing the Automotive Window Film Tint.

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