Can Polygon Reach to $10 in 2022


Now Polygon has an opportunity to Jump because of this. time to make money with Polygon

Polygon Matic reaches up to ten USD. Coinbase estimates the loss of Polygon and Polygon by 35% in one day during the crypto flash crash.

Polygon  And Mina Protocol

Polygon and the foundation of mina work together to enable privacy programs on the Polygon network.


If you have never heard of me, it is basically the same as bitcoin. But bitcoin can measure.

Because it can process multiple transactions at a time. Lots of blocks at a time. And verifying blocks on me is much faster than bitcoin because all you have to do is actually confirm the latest block to add to the blockchain, which is not at all like bitcoin.

Because what happens in Mina is like starting there when you verify the latest block, which automatically verifies the block before it. Because for the latest block to work, the last block must work.

And because of this, Mina is like the simplest blockchain ever to date. The total blockchain is only 22 kilobytes equivalent to a few tweets. And in addition, Mina also provides privacy and authentication built-in protocol.

Defi platforms, therefore, need KYC or know that your customer can download information privately and securely using mina snaps. And not developers who choose to keep certain things private can use me to do this.


For example, they can use me to accomplish something like keeping personal data private. Because if someone knows you own Monalisa and there is only one, you will probably come later in your life.

Approved social media apps can also authenticate users without requiring them to share personal identification information. And this is very powerful because working in partnership with Polygon Polygon rides millions and millions of people on web 3.0.

And just having that aspect of privacy and security, which is very important in the west. So that’s a good addition to Polygon’s infrastructure.

Polygon And Coinbase


The Polygon is at the 21st level, and the total purified value is $ 12 billion and the total locked value is $ 8 billion.


Yes, Polygon is very big in their space, and they have fast-moving money, and they are an instant growth solution for Ethereum with low gas costs.

And this will make Coinbase more competitive because the costs are so high most of the time the erc20 tokens are anywhere on that issue.

If you are new to this, you might ask why Coinbase needs to measure Ethereum? And the answer to that is because one of the biggest challenges for Coinbase is high gas prices and long payment times.

Because if you want your transaction to be done, you will have to pay a higher fee. Even withdrawing and having just Polygon integrated with Coinbase to measure Ethereum will allow users to withdraw quickly and cheaply, for example.

Like most of my Ethereumleft on the exchange, I bought after the fuel prices just went crazy.

Polygon and Ethereum

Polygon and Ethereum



Polygon (Matic), a solution for Ethereumscalability and a blockchain platform, has achieved a significant milestone. For the first time in history, the total number of daily active addresses in Polygon has exceeded that of Ethereum.


Note that Polygon is not a competitor to Ethereum. Instead, the Polygon blockchain is a protocol designed to link multiple compatible blockchains in Ethereum.

Therefore, it aims to use a unique solution in Ethereum by creating a multi-chain ecosystem.

It is important to note that the Polygon blockchain network is undergoing major development this year.

It has also seen a significant increase in institutional funding over the past few months. In addition, blockchain technology billionaire Mark Cuban also announced a major investment in the Polygon ecosystem earlier this year.

The Ten USD Price Prediction


I will have good and bad news. A little hope and a little bit.

But FYI just all of you who buy cryptos, don’t buy from Matic for two weeks and say you’re a long-term holder. And you complain about how the price doesn’t go to you at all.

If you shop internally and work hard all year, you are not a long-term coach. I’m sorry to break that. But, all you think about is value, I don’t really think crypto is yours.


Because of the way I look at it, I view it as a source of income. So I’m investing in making a living as I hold it.

And if you bought a Polygon and don’t really know what you bought, then you should really do your research on all the other cryptos you buy. İf you buy multiple cryptos.

Polygon is an erc20 symbol that enables the Polygon network. The network also aims to measure Ethereum blockchain transactions.

Because Ethereum can only make up to 30 transactions right now. Polygon helps to increase that to about 65,000 transactions per second. So that’s a big difference. And with Polygon, the price has risen by more than 9200% per year.

If you want to predict the price, they are available everywhere.

Wallet Investor has a one-year forecast of 4.34 USD and a five-year forecast of 15.49 USD.


predicts that Matric will end in 2021 at 2.50 USD before rising to 7.65 USD by the end of 2033.


expects Polygon to reach 2.39 USD by 2021. However to reach 7.37 USD in early 2028 USD.


It saw a major conference during the crypto boom in the first half of 2021. The Matric price rose to $ 2.50 in mid-May during an Altcoin market meeting.

The price of Matic has been adjusted by more than 50% from its path. At the time of writing, Matic is selling for $ 1,085 and has a market value of $ 7.3 billion.

Even at current prices, matıc has been trading at 5900% profits since early 2021.

How did these people get these numbers? Do really think that they just have a board with numbers, and they play darts to get those numbers.


Because in reality, for Altcoins like Matic for anything other than Ethereum and Bitcoin, to be exact, it is really hard near impossible to predict where price may go.

Most of the time, your guess is as good as a guess of an expert. The best way to predict price, in my opinion, is by looking at the token supply. That is kind of the most reliable measure, and it’s even not that reliable.


For example, now we know that Polygon Matic has 10 billion tokens. So if Polygon hits 10 dollars, then that market cap will be a hundred billion dollars. And there are only two tokens that have broken through that 100 billion limit. And that is Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The question you really have to ask is, do I believe a hundred billion Polygon will be a reality? And then, you have to take a look at the macro picture. I think it’s a reality because what they do is they’re scaling Ethereum. And Ethereum is entrenched in smart contracts and the Defi industry.


So they’re the king of it. And more than that, Polygon can at some point scale other Blockchains as well. And on top of that, let’s not forget the inflation that is happening due to all the money printing that is happening in the USA.

A lot of the coins for Matic are actually staked. So they’re taking off their exchanges. And you really need volume and liquidity for the price to move, which does not exist on exchanges. So that’s why the price is really staying where it is.

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