Earning Money While You Sleep

Earning Money While You Sleep


I totally don’t know what to say to people who ask me how to leave jobs and make a living at home. It’s a loaded question: the answer I often tell them is not always what they want to hear.

The question of working from home is really related to the goal of working less and earn more money. Thinking of the most people is to stop working and start earning. Unfortunately, once you start earning and building your passive income, I usually focus on continuing your day job.

It is possible to earn an income when you keep your day job

But the challenge is to focus on one action at a time and focus on it before you start going in a completely different way to make money.

If you work to understand and apply what is currently being taught by professionals, you will see that it is often a life-changing event that requires a new kind of thinking.

 Even if you don’t achieve the conceptual goal of earning $ 1 million a year, you can create a lifestyle that allows you to earn $ 5,000 a month. In other words, 95% of the world’s population is considered rich with a passive income of $ 5,000 per month.

When you step on this path to learn how to create a new look of earning, you will face many obstacles and overall negatives in your life (both professional and personal), and you will live a better, more satisfying life. Fulfills life.

Every time I meet an entrepreneur they believe that the only way to make money in business is to run a house, open a storefront or a large corporation, hire employees.

This way of thinking is old and not new enough.

Holy Gail is a New Way of Thinking

 a valuable treasure provided to us in terms of accessing and using your resources. If you have a job right now, consider yourself lucky. Use it to your advantage in building your revenue empire. When I first started my income path, I felt like I had just been given and had access to the most valuable treasure.

I’m not sure if I should teach right away, or follow the advice and start working on myself. I did both, however, and people get annoyed when you try and hype “how to earn passive income while working on your day job”. Sometimes, people don’t really like to be bothered or they don’t trust you. It reminds me of how they did not succeed because I sometimes feel that they do not want you to succeed.

There is also a problem with the phrase “self-help”. Whenever we read non-fiction, isn’t everything technically self-help? What is our purpose in reading the book? We are ready to learn everything and this is just a fantasy book for pleasure, if you read the biography of Benjamin Franklin in general you are also looking for insight and knowledge from someone who has done a good job. Did. 

From this point of view, Aristotle and Plato, and Seneca were all self-helpers. Sure, there is a lot of fluffy self-help when people are trying to sell their products. But it should be noted that this category is much higher than most people think.

A few years ago I started to be interested in a lot of things, for example taking supplements to increase my focus at work, or being more productive, or learning a new skill, or planning to turn it into a side business.

Now, can anyone really make a living online? If you think the answer is no, you do not know much about the Internet. Let’s choose a simple example to write an e-book. The economy of scale in the e-book is excellent because you only have to write it once. 

From there you can make daily royalties while you are literally asleep. There are a million ways to earn passive income, and once properly set up it only needs to work for an hour or five hours or 10 hours … or no hours a week.

The goal of myincometrek.com is to learn how to manage your day job when you earn passive income and work only 4 hours a week: here you can learn more about how to earn passive income

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