Best food Places in Faisalabad


Faisalabad is the 3rd largest city in Pakistan and it is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan because of its industrialization. If you are finding the best food places in Faisalabad, you have come to the right place.

Faisalabad is well-known for its industrial development. However, it is also home to some of the best food centers in Pakistan. In Faisalabad, you will find many restaurants serving authentic Pakistani cuisine, Chinese, and Indian food.


Faisalabad is noted for its Food

The dishes are influenced heavily by Punjabi cuisine, which is a unique food of its own. It is noted for its rich flavors, and is tasty, spicy, and filling. The cuisine in Faisalabad is varied and delectable. The restaurants are home to some of the freshest ingredients, and the dishes are cooked in hygienic conditions. The food centers are famous for their delicacies and offer the city’s best food.


The restaurants offer one of the best dining experiences in the city. You will find numerous restaurants. The restaurants offer authentic Pakistani cuisine, Chinese, and Indian food.

The restaurants in Faisalabad are known for their hygienic treatments, the freshness of the ingredients, and palatable flavors. The freshness of the ingredients is attributed to the large number of vegetables produced here, and the restaurants serve the best vegetables in Pakistan.


The restaurants in Faisalabad are famous for their delectable food and hygienic treatment. The restaurants offer delicious food, and the ambiance of the restaurants is very relaxing. The restaurants are known for their authentic Pakistani cuisine and Chinese food.

The restaurants in Faisalabad are known for their authentic Pakistani cuisine and Chinese food.

Faisalabad is famous for its delicious food from Tabish biryani  to Barillo burgers Faisalabad

Here are some best food places you should visit while traveling too fast.

 Famous food Places In Faisalabad

Let’s start with Breakfast  places in Faisalabad



Breakfast  Places in Faisalabad

In Punjab people are very fond of ready-made breakfast so they prefer to go out for breakfast in Faisalabad. Locals usually prefer Halwa puri as Breakfast in Faisalabad For finding the best halwa puri place in Faisalabad, you should visit

Hafeez puri House

This is a Hatter that provides local people with tasty food at low-budget prices. It is situated in the D Ground peoples colony.

Chai Nashta 

Chai Nashta serves delicious breakfasts, desi snacks, and BBQs. The owner’s background in the hotel industry is reflected in the gentile setting of Chai Nashta where every guest is made to feel welcome—located at The Boulevard Mall, East Canal Road, Faisalabad.

Riwayat Nashta

Location :

Located in: D Ground Market

9 D commercial area, D Ground Block D People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

  • Al Aziz Hotel ( Samundri Road, opposite Novelty Pull, Samanabad)
  • Hafiz g & Tahir halwa puri (Rail Bazar Rd Mohammadi Chowk, Qadimi Shehar, Clock Tower,)
  • The food yard ( 1canal Expy, Saeed colony)
  • Naan Channy in Faisalabad

Let’s find the best Nan Chany spots in Faisalabad

  1. Ditta Naan Channy   ( Bismilah Chok, Madina Town)
  2.  Goga mutton Channy (Gulberg road)
  3. International Channy (Taj colony road)
  4. Dawat-e-Sheraz Channy (Gulistan colony)
  5. Lahori mutton Channy  (Double road Green Town)
  6. Thakur naan Channy


Naan Haleem in Faisalabad

Naan Haleem is one of the famous breakfasts in Faisalabad some of the best Naan haleem places are mentioned


  1.  Shahi mutton haleem (near PSO Petrol Pump Abdullah Pur)
  2. Ghosia murgh haleem (University road)
  3. Coozy haleem (anywhere)
  4. Baghdadi haleem ( Aminpur Bazar)

Pae & Nihari in Faisalabad


  1. Poli kai Pae ( Samnabad)
  2. Mohammadi Nihari (d ground)
  3.  Nihari House ( clock tower)
  4. Shani Pae ( Jinnah colony)
  5. Adil Nihari ( D type colony )


Lunch Places in Faisalabad


Best food Places in Faisalabad




It’s not counted as lunch if you haven’t tried  Faisalabad biryani or murgh pulao. I have added some best lunch spots in Faisalabad

  1.  Karachi biryani ( Akbar chowk Gulistan colony)
  2. Pakeeza biryani ( Lal mil chowk)
  3. Data Murgh pulao (Sheikhupura road)
  4. Jahangir Murgh pulao ( Kachehri Bazar)
  5. Sammer Tabish biryani ( Susan road )
  6.  A-one biryani ( Jaranwala road)
  7. Abu Baker Biryani ( Madina Town, Muammadi Chok)


8-Tabish biryani D Ground

Tabish biryani is one of the best biryani in Faisalabad, Tabish biryani in Faisalabad is considered one of the best lunches. Once you have tried a new Tabish biryani, you will definitely be fond of the Tabish biryani of Faisalabad.

Location 1;

D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab

New Tabish biryani



32 Samanabad Rd, Faisalabad 38070 Samanabad Rd, Block B Samanabad, Faisalabad, Punjab 38070

Tariq Murgh Palao

Those who are visiting this famous place for the first time are looking for the Tariq Murgh Pulao. This place is offering pulao and chicken biryani. Pulao lovers can try their special Murgh pulao while biryani lovers can try their special chicken biryani

They have a home delivery service that you can avail of by calling on their contact number. You can also contact them on their WhatsApp number which is as follows.


Address: Sargodha Rd, Afshan Colony

Mutton & chicken karahi in Faisalabad

some of the best Mutton and chicken places in Faisalabad are mentioned below

  1.  Lassani Mutton and chicken karahi Location: Peoples Colony, Susan Road. Faisalabad
  2.  Marhaba mahal ( 204 RB east W canal road)
  3.  Baba Farzand restaurant ( 671 d block near Yaadgar sweet Ghulaabad)
  4. Khayam restaurant ( Susa road)
  5. The Kebabish Dera ( z block Madina town)
  6. Nawab restaurant ( Millat road Gulistan colony)
  7.  Bhondu khan (PSO  pump Jaranwala road)


Dinner Places in Faisalabad

Dinner Places in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, people like to eat BBQ at dinner of chicken, beef, fish & mutton. I have covered some best spots of BBQs in Faisalabad with good taste, affordable prices, and full of hygiene.

  1. Baba Tihkah                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Location: 111, D Ground Block B, D Ground People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab
  2. Vegas grill (2nd-floor Misaq-ul-mall)
  3. Portobello ( do Burj plaza Kohinoor city)
  4. Hafiz Sajji house ( Susa road)
  5. Jhalendar fish ( Bhawna Bazar road, clock tower )
  6. Behrini shawarma ( sb store, Gulistan colony )
  7. Dawat-e-Sheraz bbq ( near ideal Gulistan colony )
  8. Arif tika shop ( block d Ghulamabad)
  9. Lahori taka Tak ( Jinnah colony )
  10. Silver spoon ( Jaranwala road )


Deserts places in Faisalabad


  1. Black forest pudding ( Oklays bistro) (Kohinoor city)
  2. Shahriar ice cream ( jail rd Akbar Abad)
  3. Rakaposhi courtyard ( civil line)
  4. Gloria jeans black forest ( Kohinoor city)
  5. jam n java cakes ( Kohinoor city)
  6. Tariq sweets Rasgulle ( Jaranwala road)
  7. Treats cake and sweets ( canal road)
  8. Kamran sweets ( Satiana road)


Cafes in Faisalabad

  1. Nadeem cafe ( Satiana road )
  2. Chai Shae (Kohinoor city )
  3. Ketli (D-type colony)
  4. Nectar bar (Jaranwala rd shop no. 26)
  5. coffee planet (2nd-floor Misaq-ul-mall)
  6. Ayyan Cafe ( Canal Road)

Local food spots in Faisalabad

Now, apart from this, these are just day-to-day restaurants. There are some local different food points in Faisalabad, that you should also visit. These are very good in taste and very underrated.

  1. Basharat Naan Tiki (near Pahari ground Batala colony)
  2. Tariq ice Gola (Batala colony)
  3. captain cooks shawarma (d ground)
  4. Brillo burgers (Harianwala chowk d ground)
  5. Samosa and chicken rolls ( near Boota pan shop)
  6. Mehar juice corner ( mall road near DHQ hospitals)
  7. VIP Gol gappy ( Iqbal stadium)
  8. Baba Dahi bare (Akbar chowk)
  9. Mehar Khalid jalebi ( rex city satiana road)
  10. Muzamil Ic Bar & Fast Food ( Bismillah chok, Madina town



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