Maintain Your Company’s Culture While Working From Home

Maintain Your Company's Culture While Working From Home

 What is the ideal company culture? How important is it to be successful in your business? Panorama How can you keep up with these challenging times of moving from office to home and work from home?

The company philosophy creates its culture. Developed over time, these values, predictions, and practices act as GPS to navigate the actions of its members. A positive culture thrives and thrives on more than satisfactory performance, but the disadvantage is that no matter how great a company is, it gets poor output from its mid-level.

Research shows that healthy company culture is expected to grow 1.5 percent or more in three years and 1.5 times as much stock growth over the same period.

In another survey, 56% of employees considered office culture to be more important than salary.

I Am Because We Are – A Great Company Culture Practice

An example of a great company philosophy is the practice of translating “Ubuntu” into a positive culture.

There is a famous story about an anthropologist doing research on a tribe in a remote African village, who decided to give a gift to the children as a farewell gift when their work was almost done.

He put a bag of candy under the tree and asked the children to stand in line 100 meters away for gifts. He told them that it was a race and whoever got the prize first would win and take the whole bag as a prize.

When the signal to continue rang, something surprising happened. Instead of the children rushing for sweets, the children grab their hands and run towards them without leaving anyone behind.

When asked why they did not rush at each other, the answer is never surprising – How can one of us be happy if everyone else is not happy?

This philosophy is called Ubuntu, which translates to  I am because I am

Ubuntu is an ideal company culture to follow at all times, but especially in difficult times. From the employer to its employees, there are no extra characters. The key players are all key players in achieving the company’s vision, mission, and goals.

Two companies, three more, another four … one works as a wanderer or remote

How can you communicate Ubuntu company culture when everyone is working remotely and scattered around the world?

Here are three strategies that will help you maintain a great working company culture:

Encourage open conversation

Company's Culture

The communication line should always be accessible to all. Regardless of time difference or geography, connectivity is now easy.

 As long as the company uses the right technology, communication via email, chat, video calls, forums can be easy and the list goes on.

Through these lines, everyone can also share events, goals, achievements, and improvements and bring the whole company together.

Promote Accountability

Include company culture in your work at all times. Even if you work remotely and alone, you can maintain company ethics through your products. 

Be accountable anytime, anywhere for the products and services you represent. Always remember that you are one of the organizations and everything you need to do is a reflection of yourself and the organization.

Keep Improving

The tendency to become complacent and reach the level of fulfillment in everything. But this should not translate into differences in performance and should not continue to improve.

If you need to adapt to new strategies and technologies that build and upgrade the company culture, welcome change. Tradition may be good, but if the change works well for everyone, don’t be fooled. After all, company culture does not grow in a few days. It is a continuous learning process.

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