Why is swimming so good for us?

Why is swimming so good for us?

Swimming isn’t just a hobby for pleasure and spending your free time it’s also a great exercise to get a fit body.

if you want to know about the advantages of swimming, you have come to the right place

let’s start discussing the benefits of swimming for our health

Advantages of swimming

  • Swimming has a lot of benefits including
  • fun and peace of mind
  • controlling blood pressure
  • enhancing respiratory system
  • maintain a healthy weight and muscles

so you know it’s swimming as many benefits what I love about it is that it’s gentle on your

joints and muscles while you’re getting a great workout

You work all your major muscle groups including your shoulders, your back abdominals, legs, and hips of water evenly put pressure on your limbs so you’re not working only one part of your body more than the other and it helps to build strength so you can improve your respiratory muscles and also great for her stress you know resistance


What health benefits do we get by swimming?


We are talking about conditions that research has linked swimming to a decrease in arterial stiffness actually can be a risk factor for heart problems

if you have hypertension high blood pressure swimming can help you lower your blood pressure

it’s also a great choice if you have lower back pain joint replacement osteoarthritis if you’re obese and if you have any pain with typical weight-bearing exercises the buoyancy of water lightens the load on the joint that helps you prevent injuries it keeps you moving.


Techniques to swim


There are a few techniques that you should follow if you are a beginner.

If  any prescriptions you have to involve, swimming it can be frustrating for  swimming but there are a few things you should know

If you haven’t exercised in a while start off while walking or jogging laps first then set a goal to swim

One length across the pool also focus on proper technique as it’s much easier to swim if you follow those techniques if you’re sure now

if you’re not sure how to swim then sign up for classes at Lifeguard training

The American Lifeguard Association (ALA) has been offering training for over 30 years. It is a national educational association that has the full support of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and Global

and be sure to stay relaxed when swimming tightening your muscles means you’ll sink lower in the water also aim to swim 30 minutes sessions

3 to 5 times a week and take frequent breaks while you build your stamina anybody should avoid in any conditions that would cause you to not swim to worry about swimming it’s a good question

so if you’ve been sitting around all winter being a couch potato some of us have,  you can have medical problems like injury joint replacement, or arthritis

Flare-up then you should check with your doctor first to discuss what type of

The swimming program is right for you

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