A Complete Guide to Cosmetic Packging: Designing Exceptional Solutions

A Complete Guide to Cosmetic Packging: Designing Exceptional Solutions

Cosmetic Packaging is an essential part of the cosmetic product marketing process. It is often the first impression that a customer has with your product, and it’s what ultimately determines whether or not they will buy.

The importance of Packaging cannot be underestimated, but many companies are challenged with figuring out how to design for this unique industry. For instance, if you intend to sell lip balms, then utilizing custom lip balm packaging would be highly effective for your business.


This blog post discusses different types of cosmetic Packaging as well as some tips on

designing exceptional solutions.


Types Of Cosmetic Packaging 


Following are the types of cosmetic Packaging that you need to be aware of before jumping to the packaging process.


Basic Cosmetic Boxes 


Basic cosmetic boxes are the most common type of Packaging that you will see in a store. They’re very simple and straightforward, but they still have an impact on customers. It’s also important to make sure that your basic box is solid enough for storage purposes if it doesn’t come with its own container (i.e., foundation).


Secondary Cosmetic Packaging Boxes 

Secondary boxes are the type of cosmetic Packaging that you will commonly see in department stores. They’re sturdy but not as great for storage purposes since they don’t really have a solid container inside them. This is typically used when purchasing an entire package deal (i.e., eyeshadow palettes).


Cosmetic Baggies 


These are small bags with zippers on top and sometimes come with compartments where your products can be placed so they won’t get all mixed up together. Cosmetic baggies are best if you want to purchase single items or need something very simple.


Tips on Having the Exceptional Cosmetic Packaging 


We have compiled a number of tips to help you get the amazing cosmetic Packaging for your product line. Take a look below and get the most out of it.


Use Enticing Illustrations 


This is one of the best ways to make your product stand out and get attention. Use appealing illustrations on various textures such as glossy, matte, or even metallic! You can also add a small banner that has information about your brand.


Use Elegant Typography 


Elegant typographical designs/fonts are always preferred when it comes to branding and packaging design for cosmetics. Make sure you choose the right font color to blend with other elements in your package design. Also, use proper spacing between letters so they won’t overlap each other, which makes them unreadable and messy looking. Remember: simple but elegant will always be better than complex ones.


Choose Monochrome Packaging Boxes 


Modern cosmetic Packaging shouldn’t be flashy or colorful. It should look simple and elegant like the ones you see in luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. For example, Dior makeup products are always packed inside monochrome white boxes with their logo printed on top of it. Black is another classy color that can be used for your designs if you want to go chic & sleek.


Use Matte Textures 

Matte textures create a clean yet luxurious feeling which goes perfectly well with any type of design but especially when it comes to modern aesthetics. If possible, use paper matte materials so they will feel more natural than plastic/glass containers would.


Go with the Colours that Aligns with Nature 


When it comes to the packaging colors, try not to go with anything that is too flashy. Try going for earthy tones which are natural, and organic, and appeal more to nature-oriented consumers.


Try Using Personalized Packaging 


This type of cosmetic Packaging can be made out of wood or even metal boxes but make sure they are handmade so you will achieve a unique look & feel rather than a mass production effect. The aesthetic design will never fail when it comes to selling products.


Go with Abstract Visual Graphics on Packaging 


The abstract art on the Packaging always looks classic. They will always give a striking look to your cosmetic product. You can go with these types of designs if you are selling high-end luxury products or even fashion items that really need an attractive design to attract people’s attention.


Choose a Classy Finishing Style for a Luxurious Look 


Finishing styles make the Packaging look elegant & classy despite being plain white or black in color. You need to go with matte finishing if you want an expensive look for your product

on store shelves.


The sheen finish will also create a luxurious impression while adding glossiness at the same time. It is suitable for beauty, skincare, and even personal hygiene ingredients, which have natural benefits & properties that people may not realize about them right away, so they need some kind of awareness campaign before deciding whether their bodies can benefit from using these items or not.


Choose an Attractive Font Style for Printed Text 


You should find an attractive font style that will bring life to your product. It needs to have a vibrant look with excellent legibility, especially if you are using it for promotional purposes. There is even more good news for people who want their products to look great because there are so many choices of fonts to choose from nowadays, including sans serif and script typefaces which do not require perfect printing skills or knowledge in order to appear well on paper or Packaging boxes. You can simply search online and check out what selections they may have before deciding whether something matches your theme perfectly.


Add Photographs 


For cosmetic Packaging, you can add real pictures. By incorporating the pictures on cosmetic Packaging, you will be able to gain your customers’ trust and loyalty. On the other hand, you can also use graphics and visuals on your cosmetic packaging boxes.


The Final Verdict 


In a nutshell, custom packaging cosmetics is an essential tool to boost product sales. The overall presentation of a product plays a vital role in capturing the attention of customers who are willing to buy it. 

Additionally, creating exceptional products will not be possible without having professional assistance in designing stunning containers or packages that highlight your brand’s personality as well as quality.

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