What Are The Signs Of A Weak Immune System?

Concept Of Immunity

signs of a weak Immune system

Humans are born with innate immunity, which is based on genetic makeup. The immune system is weak at birth and requires the mother’s milk along with constant environmental interactions with various forms of microorganisms to get stimulus in order to develop acquired immunity which leads to building and strengthening the immunity.

Modern medicine has come a long way through research and studies. We have been able to develop various antibiotics and many claims to have developed the best immunity booster medicines based on the understanding of the function at the molecular and cellular levels, from immunomodulators to mimicking body enzymes, the breakthroughs have been positive.

Rapid Evolution also led to a better understanding of diseases but in recent times as the resistance to antibiotics became widespread to the point where disease became deadlier and autoimmune issues have become harder to understand, it forced all of us to reevaluate the whole unidirectional thinking of allopathy.


Ayurveda has been clear in the approach, any imbalance between Vata, pitta, and Kapha leads to various symptoms, the categorization of the diseases is really broad, Nija is the disease that originates from the imbalance in the body and can be improved when one has a better understanding of the body’s natural tendencies on the contrary Aganthu needs an external factor like any injury or lack of hygiene based habits & no focus on the multiple health aspects in the society. Ayurveda even after being 3000 years old,

explicitly acknowledges the importance of sanitation and clearly mentions the spread of communicable diseases, the effect of poor nutrition, and the lack of sanitation-related facilities made by local bodies of governance- Janapadaudhwamsa.

The famous ayurvedic physician Charaka mentioned the whole epidemic issue in Charaka Samhita in the 2nd century AD, he explained how air, soil, and water can become sources of the spread of diseases.


Immunity Through The Eyes Of Ayurveda


Immunity has been at the core of Ayurvedic science. Ayurveda has reinforced the idea of 

The multidirectional concept in the understanding of immunity. Vyadhi Kshamathwa is the body’s resistance ( basically immune system)to a developing illness while the term Bal or Bala means the strength of the body to be able to heal or repair on its own. 

  In Ayurveda digestion is linked to our immune system in major ways we also know that 70% of our immunity is in the digestive system. Similarly, the disharmony between the Dosha and the imbalance of energies is also essential for a properly functioning immune system.

The human body is complex and we cannot quite explain it in simple terms, but Ojas does it for us, it defines itself as the end product of the various Physiological transformations, it is the essence of what goes into our guts, it is how resilient our bodies can be to various environmental, physical and mental triggering factors.


Symptoms of A Weak Immune System

The Indigestion Issues

if you encounter frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation that do not seem to go away anytime soon, kindly think about your diet and nutritional aspect of it. Similarly long-term fasting acidity issues or gas could easily point to some bigger issues. 

As already mentioned that 70% of your immunity lies in your Digestive tract and your digestion tract also harbors microbes that help in the digestion and defend the body from various microorganisms, therefore, any trouble in your tummy is an indication of your weakened immunity.


 Slow Healing

Our body is very much programmed to start damage control as soon as there is any injury in the body, visible or inside it. If your wounds are taking longer to heal, you have to understand your body’s nutritional needs

Immune response to any wound takes place at many levels but the rush of nutrient-filled blood through chemical pathways is the first and most important step toward repair and healing.


You Feel Fatigued All The Time

if you feel passive and sluggish right from the moment you get to the point you throw yourself on the bed, then you need to identify this as a sign of your weak immune system. 

Your body does not want to waste an ounce of energy on anything as you are low on actual nutrients. It wants to save fuel in order to be ready to fight any disease-causing microbes.

Stress Is High

If you feel pressured or stressed on issues that have nothing in them to make you worry so much but you cannot stop thinking about them then your emotions have taken you for a ride leading to a weaker immune system. Stress causes the lymphocyte count to go down that damages the body so it is not a coincidence that you are not feeling well very often.



Cold Does Not Leave You

Most people catch a cough with a cold not more than twice or thrice in a span of a year, but if you cannot stop sneezing throughout the year then you need to calm down and think twice. The body is continuously fighting the virus leaving the immune system slow to respond to anything else.  


What to do to keep your Immunity strong


A balanced diet – yes, you need to have food that has various tastes and nutritional benefits that suffice your body’s needs. 

Sleep- Irregular sleeping patterns can drain your body’s energy, so take sleep for 7-8hrs every day. 

Hydrate – your body is 80% water, so drink water as your need it a lot. 

Yoga ‍♂️ practice- Don’t become a lazy jack. Do yoga for a minimum of 30 min every day. 

Herbs and spices- Ashwagandha and Chyawanprash-based herbs are the best immunity booster medicines and should be consumed regularly. 

Go for Detox- Ayurveda has many techniques like Panchkarma that help the body to throw away toxins.  


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