10 requirements for an interactive Hybrid events

requirements for an interactive Hybrid events

Many event organizers and industry analysts believe that virtual events will be succeeded by Hybrid events. And this is pretty apparent because people are waiting for a return to the physical world. This includes the return of live events.

 However, this time things will be different. Because the event organizers understand the value of the convenience that comes with digital/online events. So we will see the hybrid events replacing the plain, live events. 

But before we move ahead, let’s first understand what exactly are hybrid events? And how to host an interactive hybrid event. 


What Are Hybrid Events? 

Hybrid events are a combination of live events and digital events. These are those life events that can be accessed by live and virtual audiences. Therefore giving the audience more options to attend the event. They can either join the event in person or virtually. It really boils down to one’s preference. 

To host a hybrid event, you need a hybrid event platform of hybrid event software. Alternatively, you can also use a virtual event platform. Because the technology used to host a virtual event and a Hybrid event is the same. And due to this reason, you can make any event hybrid. 

Here are some common types of hybrid events-

  • Hybrid conferences
  • Hybrid trade shows
  • Hybrid exhibitions 
  • Hybrid town halls
  • Hybrid career/job fairs
  • Hybrid AGM
  • Hybrid fest

And so on. The list is long. And because of this flexibility of hybrid event technology, hybrid events are hailed as the future of the event industry. 


Now that you know what hybrid events are and the types of Hybrid events. Let’s now focus on the requirements to host an interactive hybrid event. 


10 Requirements For Hosting An Interactive Hybrid Event 

  • Getting the right platform

The first and foremost step to host an interactive hybrid event is selecting the right hybrid event platform for your event. But how can you determine which platform is right for your event? It is a simple process. All you have to do is to prepare a list of the features and services needed for your platform. And compare it with the various platforms. See which platform ticks all the boxes that are the platform to go with. 


  1. Connecting both audiences

Since you are hosting a hybrid event, you are going to host two audiences. These are live and virtual audiences. And you should connect both of these audiences. As there will be several advantages. First, it will increase the interaction in your event. Also, there will be higher chances of networking. 


  1. Distributing the content 

One of the most crucial factors behind the success of the event is the delivery of the content. So make sure to optimize the delivery of the content. 

You can use several ways to improve the delivery of the content. For instance, don’t just tell the audience about sessions or exhibitions. But interact with the audience. Communicate with both live and virtual audiences. Also, don’t host long sessions. Provide shorter sessions with breakout rooms. So that both live and virtual audiences can relax. 


  1. Hire an Emcee or the moderator 

To enhance the audience experience at the event, you can hire an Emcee or a moderator to engage with the audience. Not only will it make the event exciting. But also, the audience can be entertained with the help of a host. 

Apart from this, it will provide the audience member with something to focus on. And they won’t feel lost. The host can interact with the audience and can help in managing the event in a particular direction. 


  1. Audience Engagement

If you want to pull off a successful event, you need to interact with the audience. But if you don’t know how you can interact with the audience, then don’t worry. There are lots of ways to interact with the audience. And the most popular way to engage is using engagement features. Some of these features are Gamification, an AR photo booth, and a social wall. However, you can get more features. But to use these features, you need to have these features on the platform. Therefore, check for engagement features while selecting the platform for your event. 


  1. Promoting Networking at your event

Networking can be an effective way to increase interaction at your event. You can encourage the attendees at your event to reach out to new people by using networking tools. But for this, you need to provide them with networking tools. We suggest AI Matchmaking, Networking Lounges, and B2B Meeting scheduler tools.


  1. Live Q&A 

If you want to engage directly with the audience, you can use live Q&As. There are multiple benefits of using live Q&As. First, it helps the attendees to resolve their queries and doubts. And secondly, you can engage with the audience. 

Alternatively, you can hire staff for answering the audience’s queries. Or you can use AI-based tools like chatbots for better management. 


  1. Live chats 

You can use simple yet effective features like live chats to increase the interaction at your event. This will not increase the interaction at your event but also will increase the networking opportunities. 

Not all people are comfortable speaking in public or with face-to-face communication. But they can use live chats to expand their network. 

You can create an indigenous chatting option. Or can provide support for third-party chatting apps like WhatsApp and Zoom. 


  1. Invite virtual sponsors 

You can increase your sponsorship opportunities by getting virtual sponsors for your event. These sponsors can provide virtual gifts like digital coupons for various e-commerce websites and digital stores. Alternatively, these sponsors can ship gifts to the audience member. But to get eligible for winning prizes from sponsors, you can ask audience members to perform a particular task. For instance, you can ask the attendees to visit the sponsor’s booth or website/ application. Or you can ask them to post something about the sponsor on social media and tag them. And a few lucky winners will get a gift from the sponsors. 


  1. Hosting team-building competitions 

One of the most organic ways to promote interaction in your event is by organizing a team-building competition.

You can ask the attendees to pair with audience members from opposite mediums to participate in the event. And the team which scores the most points will win the prize. It will massively increase the interaction at your event. 


These are some of the features and requirements to increase the interaction at your hybrid event. 

Share your thoughts on hybrid events. And tell us which is your favorite technique to interact with the audience at Hybrid events.


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