11 Best Tips To Arrange Kid’s Room For A Comfort Feel






Do you want to arrange your kid’s room to create a comfortable feeling for them? Here are some expert tips to organize your kid’s room.

Kids’ rooms serve many purposes; they double up as a place to sleep, relax and play, study, and create. Kids do so much in that closed space, called a room, that it is only fitting to put a lot of thought into making it into a place they love. The room should be a comfortable, cozy sanctum. It should exude good vibes, vital for physical and emotional well-being. 


Not sure where to begin? To start, follow the five basic principles recommended by home interior designers while designing a room that your kid will love. 


  • Design it to be age-appropriate: The furniture and other design features should match the kids’ age. Since doing up a room takes time and money, use elements that will last a few years, at least, until the kid outgrows them. 
  • Ensure safety: It should be a safe space, no matter whether your kid is young or a teen. Keep all safety aspects in mind—for instance, grills on the windows, sturdy furniture, safe electric fixtures, etc. 
  • Work on timeless interiors: Invest in wall paint that lasts and can be wiped clean, and install furniture that your kid can use for years to come. 
  • Make it vibrant and positive: Use cheerful colors, and match colors on the walls, furniture, and drapes to create a lovely room that exudes positive vibes. Shades of yellow, green, and blue are gender-neutral colors and also have a soothing effect.
  • Manage space: Utilise space efficiently so that you create floor space in the room. 


Provide Ample Storage


Kids have a lot of stuff

clothes, shoes, toys and games, school books, other books—it is quite an exhaustive list of items. You need to provide space to store all the things your kid owns. Cupboards are a good option,

 but you can also have a bumped-out window seat or a French window with seating and cabinets below that serve as storage. Another option is to have a custom-made bed with pull-out storage units. 


Storage space reduces clutter, as all items have a designated place for them. Clutter-free rooms are pleasing and also prescribed in Vaastu. And the plus is that your kid learns to be orderly and organized. 

Don’t ignore the seating


Have at least one comfortable chair in the room, apart from the chair with the study table. It could also be a bean bag. However, if you want the room to have a cozy look, have a floor seating arrangement. Floor seating is an expensive way to ramp up the interiors. Place a mattress or a massive cushion on the floor for an informal yet cozy feel. Kids can use that area to sprawl out and do their creative stuff. 

Focus on lighting


Install full-spectrum light bulbs instead of spiral bulbs or fluorescent tubes, as they provide better lighting. A well-lit room has a vibrant feel that lifts the spirits; dimly lit rooms are depressive. Add dimmers to the switches to control the brightness.

Incorporate Nature 


From Disney Princesses to Super Heroes, you can choose various themes to do up the kid’s room. But for a subconscious message to the mind to feel calm, design elements inspired by nature are the best. 


One way to do that is by introducing a nature theme into the decor. Wall art is an excellent way to begin; wallpaper or stenciled wall designs and even stickers can do that. And there are a variety of options available—jungle theme, animals and birds, marine life, etc. 


Consider glow-in-the-dark, paint, wallpaper, and stickers to liven up the walls at night. Some of the best bedroom interior designers Kochi has to offer can help you pick a suitable theme depending on your kid’s age and preference. 


Furniture Sturdy Yet Light


Furniture is one of the items that need the most deliberation when doing up a kid’s room. We have already covered storage, but a few other factors also need to be considered while choosing furniture for a kid’s room


  • Multifunctional furniture, for example, a bunk bed with a study table and storage, saves space and serves a dual purpose. 
  • Safety features are essential—no sharp edges, protruding metal that could injure, or toxic materials. For instance, the bunk bed should be fitted with rails. 
  • Quality and durability are other essential features. The furniture should be sturdy and made from a solid, durable material. Kids love to goof around, so the furniture should be strong enough to handle their antics.


Cozy Quotient


A kid’s room should be warm and cozy. Soft toys do the trick if the kid is young. Pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and drapes also help make the room snug, as long as they are theme and color-coordinated. If you opt for a rug, make sure it is an anti-skid one. You don’t want your kid slipping while jumping around the room. 


Personal Touch


Don’t forget the personal touch. Family photographs on the wall or a photo-hanging mobile bring a great personalized touch to the room. Also, add a pin-board on a wall where the kid’s artwork, etc., can be displayed.


Just keep in mind that the room should be a sanctuary conducive to sleep, play, enjoyment, and study. Let the kids enjoy every moment that they spend in their room.

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