Best Online Professional Logo Creation Services

Logos have the power to identify your startup-type company or business without words and make it easily recognizable by anyone. Still, some logos are not flashy, they have graphic elements that are not suitable for the type of business you want to identify, and they are even taken from the Internet. Avoiding such pains this post will tell you about the best professional online logo creation services.

Actually, there are massive tools on the internet that can be used to create logos. However, not all applications are able to make it easy to create a logo. So, some of the applications that will be mentioned are recommendations for the best logo maker applications, especially for beginners.


The following part will leave you with several recommendation tools, offering you the best logos for brands, creatives, and companies.


Top 7 logo making tools to use on different platforms




DesignEvo is a platform to create logos easily, quickly, and attractively. Pearl Mountain Technology created this application. It is equipped with more than 10,000 logo templates. Then you’ll also find tons of tools that support logo creation.


The best thing of DesignEvo is that you can use it for free. After the logo creation process is complete, the logo design can be exported into JPG, and PNG files.



Professional Logo Creation Services

Maybe you’ve heard the name of this one application. Yes, Canva is one of the most popular graphic design applications. This application allows you to design a wide variety of creative designs online.


This application is available for Android and iOS devices. There is even a web version. So you don’t need to bother downloading this application if the memory on your cellphone is getting full. Canva has quite complete features such as color, text, palette, transparency, filter, branding, and many more.

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LogoYes is a professional logo maker application. In this application, you will find logo custom features that can be changed freely. The size of the logo can also be adjusted as needed so that the quality is maintained.


You have tons of logo templates that are ready to be changed and redesigned to make them attractive. Even though professionals often use it, it is guaranteed that even beginners will have no trouble using it, thanks to its friendly and simple interface.


InstaLogo Logo Creator


Instalogo is also no less interesting to use as a tool for designing your business and business logo. Apart from logos, this application also allows you to create posters, brochures, banners, and so on. In essence, this application supports the creation of sponsorship media for your business.


Logo Maker Plus  


The best logo maker application, next there is Logo Maker Plus. It is tended to be more flexible for various needs. Apart from creating a logo, you can also design magazine covers, headers on Twitter, and thumbnails for YouTube.


Logo Maker Plus also has several advantages, one of which is that it supports various image formats. Don’t worry, because this one application is easy to learn. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for every non-designer to create a logo.




For those who use an Android smartphone and want to create a logo, it is mandatory to try an application called PixelLab. This application focuses on combining text and photos to adjust for various needs, including logo creation.


In fact, this application also provides a selection of templates that you can use to create a logo. When viewed in terms of features, this PixelLab application has quite complete features. There are features of stickers, text, draw, import, share, to edit photos.




AAA Logo is an application for creating logos designed for PC and laptop users. This application is specifically used to create logos, so there are lots of interesting logo templates available.


Unlike the previous design application, you don’t need to draw the elements included in the logo manually. Later, there will be lots of images that you can choose and edit until they match the logo that is being created.




Even though you are still a beginner when it comes to creating logo designs, it is guaranteed that some of the logo maker applications above will help in producing a unique and professional logo. Just choose the application according to your needs and desires.

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