Step by Step Guide to Starting a Startup

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Startup

Startups are usually small, financed operated by a handful of founders or an individual.

According to the American heritage dictionary

The startup is a business undertaking that has recently begun operation.

The startup is a small company that is just incepting to develop.

Starting a business could be exhausting and require actual planning. 

If You Are Going To Start Your Startup, There Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Follow.

1-Come up with an idea

Before starting your startup, come up with an idea.

I know you might be thinking if you are going to start something, you have an idea but, most people want to start something and, they do not have any idea of what they should start as a startup.


There are some suggestions to help you make the right choice before starting a new product or a business.

For e-commerce, you can choose something like Fashion, jewelry, bags, shoes, shirt products, even home decor, etc.

If you are into software, you can design software architecture or create SAAS products.

Or create some digital products such as music, eBook, or digital content, you can start a travel agency because people love to travel and nothing can stop them from traveling. Or you can build a fast food shop because everyone loves fast food. 

If you have got an idea in your mind, check if your plan is worth pursuing.

After identifying your idea for a startup, It is time to do some research on your plan and whether this idea is worth it or not.


 If you want to build a successful business, it must fulfill the requirement of your customers.

 Your priority should focus on solving a problem and offering the products that are solving their problems.

Because 42% of startup fails as they avoid focusing on solving the problem they offer their products without understanding the need of people 

Means of saying people want to buy something that solves their problems not, just anything that a company is offering 


2-Market Research

Market Research

Now it is time to do some research on the market. Before starting your startup, give a lot of time to market research.

Market research is obligatory before starting your startup. 

To ensure success, you must find out every detail of the product in the market which is you are going to start.


Let me give the example of Walter Percy Chrysler, who was the founder of the Chrysler Corporation.

He went to the market, and brought several famous selling vehicles of America. He put them into his garage and separate into every last nut and bolt and then put them back together.

He did this with all the automobiles that he brought.

After doing this, he had a bright idea to create the best car that would be superior to any other Car in American Market.

Later he established Chrysler motors that turned to be a good profit for him.

 By this example, I hope you get how important is market research.

Now move to our next step.




Your 3rd step is, managing your finance.

Make a financing list of how much you can invest for your startup make, the list of the things on which you have to spend your money for starting a startup

For example, licenses, legal fees, hosting market research, opening ceremonies events advertising employee salaries, etc.

Keep your startup money separated from your money also, and keep it organized

You can use QuickBooks or wave which is web software where you can use a spreadsheet just like Google sheets to organize your financial plan for your startup 

By doing this, you will be able to manage you are all your financing easily


4-Set a shop or Office

Set a shop or Office


Find the best location for your business shop and set up all the facilities, furniture, or anything that is necessary.

 If you are starting an online business and working from home, choose the area for your office that you like the most. It is necessary to do because you will be spending a lot of time there than usual if you will be working, from home.


It’s righteous to have a comfortable area for your office/shop to work more productively. Many companies have moved away from cubicle-style office furniture and uncomfortable office to increase comfort for their employees and, they found good results of increased productivity.


5-Create A Website 


Create a website

We live in the era of the internet and, having a business website is a great way to engage more audience with your products 

Whether you are going to run a physical business or an online business

You should create a website to run your business online.

A website is a way of gaining more customers.

For building a website, you can use WordPress or Wix.

They will create your website very fast. 


6-Make A Perfect Team


To accomplish more, you should make a better team of passionate people; hire some employees with the best talent and passion.

Add people to your team who trust your vision.

Most of the entrepreneur wants to work alone, doing everything on their own but remember adding 1 & 1 is also considered as =11

So make your team for starting your startup to get the best results


7-Promote Your Business


The foremost step in a startup is promoting your business.

Promoting your brand/product gets more attention which increases the chances of selling your product. 

SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the best ways. 

There are several other ways to promote your business such, as 


  • QUORA 

We also promote business Through Digital Marketing


Above mentioned social platform has different ways of promoting your business,

You can use them to increase your sales

Feel free to check the rest of our blog for more startup tips or for promoting your Business.




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