7 Ways To Brighten Your Dark Room

brighten your dark room

Isn’t it time we moved on from our cave-dwelling ancestors? Let’s face it, living in a dark space is far from ideal, and it can harm our well-being too.

The trouble is that we don’t all have the luxury of a space that welcomes light in. Other than adding a bunch of bulbs or knocking holes in the wall, what else can be done to brighten a dark room?

Well, here are seven innovative ways to do just that, allowing you to turn that gloomy space into a bright, welcoming haven that’ll also brighten your mood.

1. Cool Use of Color

Start reviewing the color scheme in your room and consider shades that are better at reflecting light. Of course, white is the best for doing this, as the light will bounce off the surfaces into those little dark crevices to make it light and bright all around.

You may not want the room to appear like you’re living in a dentist’s office, so experiment with lighter shades and tones of all colors.

Don’t limit this to the walls either. Lighter furniture, curtains, and flooring all play their part in scattering as much light around as possible.

2. Trick of the Light

Ceiling lights and lamps do a pretty good job with light. The more you have placed around the space, the better, but you don’t want to be tripping over them. A good way to boost their lighting power is to opt for bulbs that mimic natural light, as it feels much brighter and more pleasant than artificial light.

Then you can play around with where they’re placed and the direction the light is facing. You can do this by using shades to direct light upwards or towards the darker areas of the room. You can also use LED strips mounted around picture frames and under cabinets for that extra unobtrusive glow.

3. Friendlier Furnishings

Friendlier Furnishings

When you fill a room with furniture, you not only limit your space considerably, but you also limit the space light can reach. And when it’s big, bulky, and darkly colored, it only adds more shadows and gloom to the room. But a little more thought on your furniture can really help to lighten up your home.

For starters, try to have less furniture, and what you do have, make it light-colored and slimline so that it takes up less space and will reflect more light.

A great alternative is to opt for transparent tables and chairs (glass or acrylic) since you’ll hardly notice that they’re there. As all the light passes straight through them, there’s plenty to go around the room.

4. Keep It Clean

Clutter doesn’t just cause chaos in your room (and in your head), but it also sucks up more of that precious light. By organizing your stuff using smarter storage, you free up more space, let in more light, and create a better sense of calm and cleanliness.

One of the best things you can do is give your windows a deep clean. If they’re dirty and smudged, they’ll limit the light they let in. With a thorough clean on both sides, then scrub with dry newspaper (yes, this really works wonders), you’ll notice how it can really brighten up any dark and dingy room.

5. Material Matters

Light-colored woods, whether it’s for furniture or flooring, can bring a natural brightness to the room, making it less clinical and far-cozier. You can go a step further with a rug that can really tie the room together.

When it comes to curtains and blinds, try to get some made from light materials, so as not to obstruct too much light. Also, ensure that they can open fully, with enough room to expose the window in its full glory.

6. Inject Some Texture

Going back to the reflective quality of a surface, texture plays a huge part in how it bounces light around. Of course, glossy surfaces reflect a lot of light, but they also create more glare than equal proportionate light. Go for matte finishes if possible to overcome this.

Then there are those multi-textured surfaces that won’t scatter light evenly. This includes things like embossed wallpapers and corrugated textures. If there’s too much going on with a surface, the light may just get absorbed into it, never to be seen again!

7. Mirror On The Wall

Mirror on the Wall

The final tip to lighten up your home is quite obvious when you think about it. After all, we’re looking to reflect as much light as possible around the room. And what better way to do that than with mirrors.

They’re not just really good at reflecting light, but they have the uncanny ability to make space feel much bigger than it really is. And if you place one on a wall opposite a window, the light will come straight in and reflect it all back into the room. Large mirrors with a thin framework are best, but strategic placement is key to making the illusion work successfully.

Brighten a Dark Room With Ease

When you’re looking to brighten a dark room, you need to maximize the light available to you. Brighter color schemes, reflective surfaces, lighter furniture, and strategic lighting can help you achieve this. But bringing in natural light as much as possible is what you’re after.

The important thing to remember is to maintain a careful balance of everything. You don’t want to have to wear sunglasses indoors because it’s too bright.

Go for the décor you want, but bear in mind how light and shadow will work with everything. It’s your home, after all.

Hopefully, this tip list will flood your mind with ideas that’ll also flood your room with more light than you ever thought possible!

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