Top 10 Places to Buy Used Phones in 2021

Buy Used Phones

The industry of used and refurbished products is growing enormously and you can shop or sell almost everything from a smartphone to furniture and from vehicles to electronics these days. There are hundreds of such platforms and websites where you can sell/buy things.

These platforms help us in owning high-end and flagship products at comparatively lower prices. If you are looking to buy a used or refurbished smartphone then this post is going to help you a lot doing the same.

Buying used phones may help you save a lot of money but you must take a lot of precautions before making a deal.

Few things must consider before buying a used smartphone or most any other thing.

  • Make your best to avoid stolen phones
  • Inspect the phone very intensely and carefully
  • Make sure if the phone is fake or real
  • Execute an SC (schedule code) test
  • Examine the accessories and ports
  • Beware of UPI fraud
  • Settle for the best possible value/price

Now let’s talk about the places to buy used phones

1. Cashify




Cashify has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for buying used smartphones. The best thing about this platform is that it provides more services other than offering old and used phones. You can sell your smartphones, laptop, smartwatch, and a lot of other gadgets and electronics on Cashify and get the best value of your commodities.

Another great thing about this website is that it offers to repair services for smartphones too. It provides a six-month warranty on its second-hand smartphones and laptops. Free pickup and delivery are offered for selling and buying smartphones simultaneously.

2. OLX


OLX was one of the first most platforms for selling and buying commodities in the Indian market. It has become the largest online website for buying and selling items. You can sell and buy almost everything on OLX including smartphones, furniture, bikes, instruments, tools, gadgets, electronics, and the list goes on.

This website provides you random matches of buyers and sellers and that’s why you should take precautions before making a deal. Always prefer buyer/seller of near locality or same city and make deals after meeting personally. Ask for the papers of the smartphone you are going to buy.





Here comes the world’s largest online marketplace for selling and buying used items. You can get the best value for your commodities at the same time can buy quality refurbished products even with some warranty. 

Make sure to follow the guidelines and read the reviews before investing in a used phone. Ask for a genuine photo of the phone, papers, and detailed descriptions, and always examine the seller’s listings before making your mind. 

4. Quikr


Another domestic destination for buying used phones and it Quikr this time. Similar to OLX, this website also allows you to sell your smartphone and a lot of other things. You can choose from the random dealers for buying a used phone. Ask for the required documents, get the best deal, and own a quality smartphone without spending too much using this great platform.

5. Swappa


Swappa is the king when it comes to the world’s leading platforms for selling and buying phones and electronics. You can easily buy and sell your smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, phone plans, video games, etc on Swappa. This website works on a no-jerk, no junk policy by not allowing broken or damaged items. It cuts the role of middlemen and makes it easier for the users to grab the best deal.

6. Gazelle


Gazelle is another great place for buying used smartphones and the best thing about this website is that it is only dedicated to a few electronics including smartphones, iPads, and MacBooks. This site provides the best deals on Apple products and helps you filter items according to your budget and preferences.

All of the products are certified and it also serves its customers with 30 days return policy. You can also make fast cash by selling your phones and other electronics as Gazelle offers will offer the best price for your items.

7. Amazon


If you fear fraud while buying used phones or any other items, you should prefer buying from the manufacturers. Most of the websites work as the middlemen between buyer and seller and there is always a chance of cheating and fraud.

Amazon makes it possible for you to buy fully certified and expertly checked used phones. The smartphone manufacturers list their used or old phones for sale and provide warranty and return services too.

8. Yaantra


Another great platform for buying used and old phones and the name is Yaantra. It makes it easy to shop used smartphones, laptops, accessories, gadgets, and a lot of other accessories. Another best part of this website is that it offers to repair services so that you can easily get your smartphone and laptop repaired and delivered to your doorsteps by experts.

9. Craiglist


This place for buying used items is quite different and unique. Craigslist depends on the buyer-to-seller meeting for payment and this could be a miss or hit. If you aren’t adapted to identify scams, you may end up losing your money to fraud while looking for an old phone but you are used to these kinds of things, then this place is undoubtedly great for buying commodities of different kinds.

10. InstaCash


If you only want to sell your phone and don’t want to buy a used one this time, then visit InstaCash as it is the best platform for selling smartphones. You can sell your old phone in just three easy steps using InstaCash. This website is great and serves best with its features such as;

  • Simple steps
  • Best value
  • Pickup service
  • No misuse of data or device
  • Instant money transfer to the bank account or UPI apps
  • Global network
  • Best customer service

Bottom Line:

If you are looking to buy old electronics, especially smartphones then this post is here to help you. Investing in used phones can make you save a lot of money and you will enjoy the same features and services as a user with the same brand new smartphone enjoying with. There are many places where you can shop for used phones and the top 10 are listed here to help you.

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