5 Steps To Start Your Fitness Journey

5 steps to start your fitness journey

Fitness is something that every single soul on this planet wishes for.

If you are reading this article, you must want to get a healthy and fit body, so you can have a healthy lifestyle here are a few Steps To Starting Your Fitness Journey

1- Set a goal

Before starting your fitness training, you must set your fitness goal
You must know how you want to look, how much weight loss you want
Your fitness goal should be realistic.

Don’t make such goals that will be e so difficult for you to achieve
for example, don’t make your fitness goal like losing 10 kilograms in just one week
It should be e according to your muscular endurance
Don’t make your fitness goal in rush.
Sit down, relax your mind and write down your reasons for fitness training

2- Healthy eating

So the second tip for your fitness training is healthy eating

Healthy eating means it doesn’t include junk food in healthy food
A lot of people eat junk food while they’re in the process of their fitness remember, it’s not going to happen you must stop eating junk food

You must fill your body with fuel which is filling it with nutritious food that will help you to recover well, lose weight and
help your body function in the right way

Healthy eating also includes hydration of your body

For better physical fitness, drink a lot of water

Understand  what you are eating and how many calories that food contains
If you are eating a lot of takeaways and processed food, high sugar food, you should cut them back right
Understand how many calories endure your body to get a proper healthy and fit body
try to eat as fresh as possible

3- Workout plan

If you are working on your physical fitness, the important thing is to make your workout plan
The easiest way is to hire a personal trainer for your fitness

A personal trainer always keeps your physical activity in check and gives you the best fitness tips

A personal trainer also guides you on every step you are taking today at a fit and healthy body

the personal trainer also notices if you are going high-intensity workouts or low if you can’t afford a personal trainer for your fitness or do not want a professional fitness trainer.

If you want to do you are your fitness stuff on your own you are waiting for making yourself a fitness plan by making your fitness plan you can develop yourself the workout routine and how often you can go to the gym and if you want to train in-home how long you can park out

Make time

One of the very important, point in fitness training is the time Almost every single person say they don’t have time or if they are in the process of the fitness training they usually don’t give much time for their fitness training

So make your time if you want to get a fit body, make your time if you wish to make it work you have to give it a proper time wake up early or make it out at lunchtime whatever you can do

4- Track your progress

In your fitness journey, make sure you track your progress
You can do it on your own you can use a fitness tracker
So there are many ways to track your progress track your measurements fitness strength training make photos to check your fitness progress every 4th week take photos again and check how much progress you have gained in your fitness training

Measure your weight and daily exercise

Give yourself a little fitness test like how many e-push-ups you can do in one minute or how fast you can run in one minute and try to improve it time by time
try to improve your daily exercise every day

5- Don’t give up

At the end of this article, the most important thing to remember is, do not to give up

Remember it’s not going to happen over just one night do not give up on your training so many people go for a few weeks and just give it up

Stay consistent stay dedicated to giving this your time and all strength

You will have rough days where you will just want to give it up you don’t want to eat well, you will feel tired, you will feel intense, and don’t wanna go regular exercise but you should do your best to stay in
Make your mind on the results which are going to happen you will get the best fitness body healthy lifestyle

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