Symptoms of bird flu and how to prevent it

Symptoms of bird flu

Since a plague named “bird flu” is spreading very fast all over the world.
More than 2000 birds were found dead in India due to bird flu and more than 200 poultry farms are closed for now.

If we look into the past, this bird flu attacked us 12 times and unfortunately killed thousands of us.
You might be thinking  Will it happen again? Should you eat eggs and chicken? What if it happens to you? What should you do to avoid the disease of bird flu? This article is for you to know what exactly is Bird flu disease
what are bird flu Symptoms?
and what you should do in such a situation of Bird flu
Let’s find out

What is bird flu?

It is an influenza virus. The influenza virus is of three types

  1. Influenza A
  2. Influenza B
  3.  Influenza C

Bird flu is specifically Influenza A category virus. But influenza A also consists of many Categories of the virus that may infect birds, humans, and dogs.

So calling it bird flu is not right. When it spreads through birds, it is called bird flue.
When it spreads through swine, it is called swine-flu.
When it spreads through dogs, it is called canine flu.
So scientists have named it H.N. SUBTYPE FLU. This bird flu virus is consists of an RNA strand in the upper layer,
it has two spikes like coronavirus called Hemagglutinun & Neuraminidase.

These H.N spikes have different combinations and arrangements of viruses. In 1918 and 2009, swine flu was all over the world which, took so many lives.

Spreading of flu across the Glob

In 2013 Chinese avian flu also took about 500 lives. In 1957 Asiatic flu nearly infects two million people. You are also aware of today’s covid-19 situation. This bird flu was discovered in Saudi Arabia in February 2020
It nearly killed 22200 birds in few weeks. Saudi Arabia reports that is H5N8 type flu.

In July 2020, it also appeared in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In November, nearly 19000 ducks lost their lives in South Korea from this pandemic.

Recently in Delhi, Kerala, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujrat have also got attacked by this pandemic. It stated that migratory birds are the cause of this pandemic.

How bird flu infects your body

Coughing and eating infected animals are the main causes of bird flu spreading in humans.

When this virus enters your respiratory tract, it starts making copies of the virus in your body cells. When a virus Starts to multiple itself,
cells release cytokines.

Cytokines are the messengers that call your immune cells to destroy the virus and make the virus stop making copies. But bird flu works so fast it does not give time to cytokines to call your guard cells. Most people have a weak immune response. With the late response of immune cells virus divides fastly into your body. When immune cells kill the virus, it causes inflammation in your body.

What are the symptoms of Bird flu?

symptoms of bird flu are listed below

Bird flu symptoms
i) cold
ii) cough
iii) Running nose
iv) Sneezing
v) chest pain

If the infection is working fast, it will cause more inflammation, which results in fever, body ache, and pneumonia.

What Medicines are used to prevent bird flu


Doctors mostly suggest anti-virals in this situation like Oseltamivir.
It’s an anti-viral drug that inhibits neuraminidase by altering the structure of the spike thus prevent the virus from spreading.
Another medicine is rapivab that omes in the form of injection. It also inhibits the neuraminidase but in an efficient way.

Note: it’s better to consult your doctor before using any medicine for Bird flu disease

Home remedies

You should eat Java plum ( Jamun).
Because it contains polyphenols, which are immunomodulating and anti-oxidants
It helps to make your immune system stronger.

You should take zinc supplements or food that contains zinc like nuts and beans,
Because zinc decreases the flu severity and time

You should also take probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that help to improve digestion and increase the amount of natural amount of killer cells.
The best source of good bacteria in yogurt
Some probiotic drinks are also available in the market.

Precautions in the situation of bird flu

Don’t eat non-veg from outside. Because cooking fast is their priority which never allows the complete cleaning of meat.

The Influenza A virus can survive 24 hours on one surface. So if you are a non-veg lover stop eating bird products like chicken and eggs and bring other non-veg items, clean them completely with your hands and cook them at a high temperature.

Wash your hands after some time and always wear a mask.

When to see a doctor

For adults

i) Experiencing breathing problem
ii)Reoccurring common symptoms of flu
iii) chest pain

For infants

i) common symptoms of flu with rashes
ii) blue tint on the skin
iii) Crying without tears


In the end, I would say share this information on bird flu with everyone because covid-19 has told us how dangerous is a virus threat can be. Everyone should be aware of this pandemic. Stay safe and take care of everyone.

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