Is video Games Really Bad for Health?

Is video Games Really Bad for Health?

All you do is just play games on the computer and mobile. You will lose your eyesight someday. If you have some free time spend it in a good company these games would not help you in the future. You just wasting your time. 

Guys if you are a gamer then these words are unusual to you because our society somehow thinks that video games are bad. But in science what people think is totally wrong. Today we will talk about that.

Scientific facts about gaming

Scientific facts about gaming

A group of neuroscientists at the university of geneva did research that which people play 8-10 hour action games like Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Pubg, and free fire their eyesight becomes strong 2x than those who don’t play action or any kind of game. 

From their practice of action games, they are very good at picking some short detail from the information. These gamers are more likely to know every shade of grey color than those who don’t play action games. With that ability, their chance of an accident while driving in fog becomes very less. Neuroscientists also come to the conclusion that for people who play action shooter games 10-15 hours a week their attention level is very high.

 They also did a mental rotation test on them in which they show a 3d object and ask you to tell the spun structure of them. They also divided a group into gamers and nongamers and ask gamers to play action games for 40-50 minutes for 2 weeks. The result of gamers was 30-40% good than non-gamers.

 After 5 months again they did a test on them which tells us that for people who played games before 5 months their results are still good than the people who never played games. Now the question is what is actually happened to the people who played games? Why do they perform very well? For that, they did an M.R.I scan of the brains of gamers and non-gamers which tells us that the grey matter in the hippocampus, frontal lobe, and cerebellum is increased in gamers than in non-gamers. 

The increase of grey matter means high intelligence of these parts. These parts of the brain also help you to prepare for exams. Neuroscientists also said that gamers are more likely to perform well in academic exams than non-gamers.

Does video games Helps in Reality

Does video games Helps in Reality

Some psychologist tells that people who play online sandbox action games like Call of duty, Pubg, and counter strike handle every situation easily. They have to listen to their teammates simultaneously and they have to come up with an idea and execute it. 

It doesn’t matter if a single individual player agrees or not, he has to do it for the group, and after a number of losses, they get an epic win. Our lives have also that kind of hassle. Because in those games by the time situation is changing and getting difficult for them which also helps them in reality to face the real challenges. 

Playing online video games trains our mind which makes neural circuitry in our brain to deal with different life problems.  Peter Gray PHD ( professor of psychology) You see in our world most successful people are very fond of gaming, for example, Kobe Bryant, Mark Zuckerburg, and Elon Musk.

Medical & air force benefits

To perform surgery they are different kinds of tools. Tools that go through our body to perform surgery and it is like a gaming console.

 There are a screen and a controller in which a surgeon controls the tool which go through our body by watching it on screen. In some medical colleges, they studied that doctors who are playing games since childhood learns to operate surgical machines faster than non-gamers doctors. 

They perform better surgeries in their career. If you want to join the air force you have to pass a test called the pilot aptitude battery test. It analyzes the ability of people to do different tasks at the same time. It is more like a game. Air force training staff tells that people who are playing games since childhood have more chances to pass the test.

Don’t take this article too seriously

Guys gaming helps us

1. Mentally strong and active

2. Better eyesight

3 Higher attention

4. Higher contrast differentiating abilities

5. Increase Grey matter

6. Faster hands and finger motor reflexes

These advantages you will only get when you go out and do your job properly. Sitting and playing games on your pc or play station all day will make you very slow. Addiction to gaming will reduce your white matter and deformation of the backbone and spine.

 You can also gain weight from gaming addiction. Your muscles can become stiff. In the end, I will say gaming is good but not for too long time. You should do exercise and meditation daily to enjoy a happy life.

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