SEO Tips For Healthcare

SEO Tips For Healthcare

With the exponential reach of the internet and its ability to spread over the globe, Search Engine Optimisation has in recent times ascended to one of the top and efficient marketing strategies.

Both small scale businesses and large-sized corporations use SEO to reach out to their target audience.

If you are in search of visibility and expanding your business online, it is common knowledge that you can’t do this without SEO. This is why most businesses need an SEO marketing agency in London.

Online visibility is challenging because of fierce competition. But in the healthcare industry, it is more challenging because of the attention span of internet users when searching for a clinic or health care center.

 SEO Tips For Healthcare

At DubSEO, we have compiled the following SEO tips for  Healthcare that will ensure that your healthcare practice sees a noticeable improvement.


Local SEO

Local SEO is instrumental in driving traffic to healthcare websites. It can inform close potential clients and neighborhoods who require professional medical services about the existence of your practice.

Ensure that you include the correct contact information on your website. The name of your practice, location, phone number, etc., should be on your site.

Site Maps

The most significant advantage of a site map is that those patients who need offline services can navigate through them and find your practice.

This is often an overlooked strategy, so why not use it to your advantage? It is advantageous because it can give Google, Bing, and Yahoo an outline of your website and clients would also understand your site better.

Site maps are more beneficial for search engine optimization than client use.

Some of the most optimized sites on the web have ingrained site maps. Add a site map today to your website.

Social Media Presence

Social media presence is a factor search engine companies use to determine website quality. Search engines take into consideration any website pages shared across social media.

It builds credibility for you as your website is seen as an authentic source of information.

Link building is inextricably tied with medical SEO, and it can be impactful on social media platforms

. When you have good quality content on your website shared across various social media platforms, you can be sure of the immense traffic generation to your site.

Content Creation and Development

In the world of SEO, quality, and useful content rules. The medical world is not excluded. Many healthcare providers feel that all that’s needed on their website are the details of their practice. This narrative will ensure that you have no distinguishing factor in the medical webspace.

 In Search engine optimization if you genuinely want to be distinctive, develop content that will be useful and educative. This is what will bring about brand trust.

The medical space evolves continuously, but most people outside the field don’t keep up. Why not educate them on incredible medical innovations and breakthroughs in your field? Manifest your expertise through research, infographics, and case studies.

Does your practice have testimonials from grateful clients? Why not post to show the authenticity of your work? Never let your website be drab because no one is attracted to drab sites. Let it be fun, educative, useful, and interesting enough to keep people glued.


Headers are the factors that will decide whether your content will be ignored or not. Write in a concise, clear, and coherent way. Have your target audience in mind and write as though you are talking to them, and not talking at them. Cap it all off with a good header that’s free of grammatical or typographical errors. Avoid using all capital letters because they can often appear intimidating. Opt for first letter capitals instead. 


No doubt, keywords are a significant part of SEO lifeblood. Research the most likely keywords that most users are likely to type and make a compilation of them.

After compiling a number of them (at the very least 40 or 50), use the Google keyword planner to find out what keywords get a truckload of traffic monthly.

Ensure that these keywords have been typed and searched for at least 500 times or more before incorporating them.

Mobile Optimisation

A large percentage of the world’s population makes use of smartphones. These days, more and more businesses understand the power of smartphones and are inculcating mobile optimization in their SEO strategies.

Your health website must be mobile friendly and mobile optimized because chances are your potential clients will find you using their smartphones. Mobile optimization allows healthcare users to find healthcare services straight from their phones.

Your web design, web structure, page speed, and content all need to be in tandem and aligned in a way that fits a mobile. Ensure that your site is mobile responsive for better experiences and more traffic.

DubSEO specializes in SEO strategizing, content development, and brand online visibility. We possess a formidable team of skilled and highly trained experts who conduct their work with the utmost professionalism and ethics.

Our clientele is vast because we ensure that we go above customer expectations to achieve the best results. We are dedicated to excellence, and nothing short of it. If you are in search of an SEO company in London,  you should consider a skilled company like ours.


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