Is TikTok logically bad?

Is TikTok logically bad?

Last week my cousin told me that his friend makes lipsing videos on TikTok and now his age-fellows are bullying him and calling him as the opposite gender. He is now depressed and angry about them.

 I talked to him and he said I was just making a short video what’s wrong with it? 

Why are people taking it so seriously? As you all know the controversy between YouTube and TikTok. Why is it happening that way? 

Are people facing a problem with it in reality or are these 11 to 22 years old are just getting hate for nothing? Then I did some research on TikTok and for a fact unfortunately it is kinda bad. I am not saying that you should not even use this app. 

I am just covering the facts. No hate to anyone. I will describe it:

With Psychological And Logical Reason

TikTok Interphase

Before understanding the whole scenario we have to understand its interphase that how at a sudden beginning we got hooked on the app for a long time and become addicted to it. 

The (for you) page feeds the content for you on the basis of your watch time. It reads your brain, for example, A person likes to watch lisping videos so TikTok will show him the same content. It doesn’t give you the freedom of exploring other content.

Now the 2nd problem is the ( for you) page feed you spoon content which makes you attention deficit. Mostly these videos are up to 15 to 20 seconds long which gives you pleasure and complexity. 

It allows dopamine to release. Getting pleasure in that short time disturbs our neural connection and then we become attention deficit. 

For example when you try other entertainment purposes like book reading or a movie with a long story or a task which requires a lot of attention. Then you will not get the pleasure as you get it from watching those short videos. In short, it disturbs our focus. For a developing teenager’s brain, it is very harmful to them.

TikTok Content

Mostly TikTok content is based on lipsing videos and cringe content. In the beginning, TikTok shows that content to you very much. Because that kind of content makes in bulk.

In some videos, you just don’t know what are they trying to do? Here is the most often question which everyone asks why that kind of content goes that viral. For understanding this we have to understand the algorithm of TikTok.

Algorithm OF TikTok

When you upload a video on TikTok it shows it to your follower and another 100-500 people. Then the algorithm evaluates it by Watch time, Engagement, and Engagement velocity.

If the results of data conclusions are good it will show it 500-1000 new people again it evaluates then it shows 100k-500k and so on a video goes viral. A question that clicks here is that ” Is that kind of content is good on TikTok facing reality”? And unfortunately, the answer is yes. How? Let’s talk about the anatomy of their 15-20 seconds videos.

Anatomy Of TikTok Content

Most of their videos contain a few same things like white glowing skin, trendy hairstyle, trendy dress, or heavily show off swagger. There is a phenomenon in psychology which is called the halo effect.

Halo- the effect is the tendency for a positive impression of a person, company, brand, or product in one area to positively influence one’s opinion or feeling in other areas.

A simplified example of the halo effect is when an individual noticing that the person in a photograph is attractive, well-groomed, and properly attired, assumes using a mental heuristic that the person in the photograph is a good person based upon the rules of that individual social concept.
The question now is how the halo effect is connected with their content.

In most of the South Asian countries society, friends, and our parents indirectly tell us that being good-looking with white skin is somehow important. From childhood, they somehow feed their children that good-looking and beautiful skin with no dots is good and acceptable. 

That’s why people like to watch that kind of content. Now some of you will say hey look I don’t judge people with the color of their face I am not a racist then I will say okay you don’t judge people by color because you also don’t watch that type of content.


Some Neuroscientists told us that humans like the main part of the music when it blows the “beat drop”. Because it is made up of low-frequency sound and our mind feels relaxed and energetic while listening to it. As you, in there, every video beat drop blows in the end. That’s how halo-effect and beat drop both work for them beneficially. 

A short video is equal to more watch time and they have literally nothing to do with making that kind of video. There is no hard-working and creativity you can watch in their videos. 

They are just wasting the time of teenagers, illiterates, and people who can’t find good content on TikTok. I am telling this because people make good content on TikTok as long as they can.

They give their 100% hardworking in every video but their content somehow gets punched down because cringe content always goes more viral and also they make it in bulk. They get that hate because what they do literally everyone can do there is no creativity in it.

 That’s how people also give hate to reaction channels because they just pick up your content and do a reaction on it which is also not a creative thing. Plus they get fame without doing any real art performance.


If we think from their perspective that looks like the man I will do whatever I want. I will make cringe content I am an independent person.

Somehow that’s is the truth they are actually independent and they are doing no harm to us but in that TikTok criteria, they are harming us and society. In reality, they don’t look like they are but with TikTok filters, they become whatever they want.

Now my point here is that why they want to look white and not black is because the white color is acceptable in society and is good. Somehow they are spreading racism and fakeness and that app is also helping them.

Tiktok app encourages them to look fake. There is literally everything in the edit section you can become what you want. In a world full of anxiety and depression they just want to escape from reality. Today our generation is already trying to achieve beauty standards but with the help of that apps, our coming generation will go wild to achieve that kind of beauty standard.

 In the future when the competition is on top they will do implants and surgeries for looking good in reality and when the surgeries are somehow becoming cheap and easy to perform people will do surgeries.

Now some of you might think that I am talking hypothetically. I don’t want that to happen. But a little change in technology can change the future. Our coming generation will become more fake physically and mentally to look less fake in reality.

 In the last, I just want to say that people who make that content don’t give hate to them. They don’t know what are they trying to do. Just help them with logical facts and encourage them to do other entertainment purposes like book reading, good movies, skateboarding, football, etc.

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