How To Quit Boozing


How To Quit Boozing

2021 is the year to reflect on your previous 365 days and begin your year with a fresh and healthy resolution.


A new year is an eve of binging on appetizers and desserts with your family and loved ones, but many also indulge themselves in drinking.


For many, the new year is an opportunity to make health their priority and for some, it is the beginning of consuming alcohol.


Get to know whether you are an active member of “Dry January,” if not then try to be one 

It is the duration in which, a member cuts the alcohol intake for the period of one month, which eventually helps in evaluating part of alcohol in-person life.


The year 2021 is an unforgettable year for many reasons, as the world has undergone a pandemic.

We all have emerged as “survivors” we have survived the circumstances of health and wealth deficiencies.


While on the other hand, alcohol has taken a toll on many people, RAND reports say that alcohol intake has increased tremendously amid the covid – 19 strain.


I believe it is vital to participate in ‘Dry January’ because it is a sober yet superb practice initiated. It will help most of us to step back and reflect on our habit of drinking.


Most of us take up drinking just for the sake of fun or by looking at our friends. “We don’t really understand, ‘why did I start boozing,’ ‘Is it worth my health and wealth,’ how will it impact my life, if I stop drinking? Actually, it’s quite simple to quit…. isn’t it?”

If you are willing to balance or cut off your drinking habit, then this is your year. To participate in the “Dry January” campaign because you are not alone, there are several other people like you. Together, change can be made easier and better!

If you want to share about your sober journey, then go on the online world and express it on social media using #DryJanuary.

How can you overcome alcohol addiction?

Conquering alcohol addiction is a bumpy highway, but it’s worth traveling overcoming pitfalls, and reaching your end destination modafinil with alcohol


It might feel impossible at first sight, but if you are firm, you can achieve it.


You can help yourself recover from alcohol addiction if you are willing to – irrespective of numerous weeks of addiction.

Even if you are a few weeks older or a decade older addictive, that doesn’t stop you from attaining your goal.

Willingness is the only requirement to bring a change.

If you are looking to divert yourself completely or consume up to healthier levels, the below guide can help you walk on the road and reach your destination.

I shall give you the cost and benefits of drinking and quitting, which will help you make a smoother decision of your life.

The below tabular representation will take you through the costs and benefits of boozing and quitting.


Drinking Benefits 

  • It kind of helped in forget my life issues
  • I drink to have fun
  • It is a means of relaxing and deep penetrating thoughts


Benefits of not consuming alcohol 

  • It helps me to stay organic
  • It would increase my physical well-being
  • I would have lesser mood swings

The cost incurred to drink 

  • It made me a complicated mess
  • I felt anxiety and stress issues
  • Unintentionally affected my personal and professional life

No cost for not drinking

  •  stay true to me and open to suggestions
  •  spend more weekends with my family
  • can be more productive, focused, and responsible

Here is your quiz

Once you have decided to change, the final step is to stand firm while choosing the best option to make your life better.

For instance: My boozing goal

  • I will cherish all of my failures and achievements without the need for alcohol consumption
  • The alcohol stoppage date is


  • From January 2021, I will stop drinking on weekdays
  • I will celebrate my new year with healthy fruit drinks
  • From January mid-2021, I shall have my drinks on alternate weekends





How to follow your pledge and be sober in this Dry January?

Getting rid of cravings 

Dispose of all your residual alcohol bottles from your bar and your office.


Share your best decision 

 Tell your alcoholic friends about your drastic shift from stopping alcohol consumption.

 Your move can act as an inspiration for your fellow members to cut down on their consumption too.


Be firm on your decision 

Avoid making appearances and attending occasions that are likely to serve alcohol. 

Do not regret 

 Even if you had a drinking history, that is ok; it was part of your life. Embrace it and accept the new you. Staying happy is all you want.

 Alcohol can be toxic to nerve tissue. People who drink too much may start to feel pain and tingling in their limbs. if you have limb pain, knee pain, or chronic pain you can order tramadol online

Five steps that can help you in staying sober in 2021

Make your health, a priority 

Concentrate on loving food; it has the ability to make your soul happy.

 Ensure to have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and swear by the clock.

To find relief from stress, indulge in morning exercises.

Surround yourself with supportive people 

 Be around a group of people who accept the real you and motivate you in all walks of life. Surrounding yourself with positive-hearted people can lead to exhibiting a positive vibe.


Find your passion 

 There is no set time to find your hobby and area of interest. Everyone has some quality, which makes them unique from others. Find your passion, and create beautiful memories.


Spread social awareness 

 The year 2020 has taught us to value our health and our family.

We have been experiencing covid 19, leaving its impact on health and wealth.

 As we are stepping in 2021, making a new year resolution, and what can be better than stepping in 2021 with Dry January.


Healthily combating stress 

Managing your stress by drinking is a wrong attempt.

Instead, look for healthier options such as meditation, yoga, or rejuvenating.

 Will you be the person to bring positive change by helping the rest?

One in five people is struggling with stress and anxiety, causing improper mental health.

Due to the increasing health calamity and covid – 19, houses and countries are dealing with health and economic crisis.

People strive to find a ray of hope and light, which can motivate them and guide them to stay strong. 

I will be glad if all of us can swear by the WHO instruction, wear a mask, follow social distancing, and stay safe. Aim to build strong immunity, eat healthily, and rely on fresh juices rather than alcohol.

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