Best Fitness Tracker Under $50

Best Fitness Tracker

Most people who are into fitness, wish to wear a fitness tracker but, it sometimes becomes problematic when a person has a tight budget. 

But it is a wrong perception, that you need to pull out hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy a fitness tracker. In today’s time, many fitness tracker companies have solved this issue by providing affordable fitness trackers. 

There is no need to empty your pocket now; you can easily buy the best fitness tracker  under $50

You will get many affordable fitness trackers in the market now, but this task starts when you have to choose the best one. 

It is hard to know which one you should buy, its performance, and what battery life to expect. 

Here are some features that you must consider while buying the best fitness tracker under $50. Whether you buy a cheap or expensive fitness tracker, every fitness tracker must have some basic features. 


 You will wear a fitness tracker all day long, so comfort has to be your primary concern. Your convenience must include whether the strap’s material suits you or not, whether the fitness trackers fall out of your wrist or are too heavy for you. Get the best fitness tracker under $50 that is comfortable when you wear it for long hours. 


 Ideally, we all want a wearable that has a good display that is legible under harsh sun rays. It would help if you got a fitness tracker with a good display, which is quite good enough to display information, for easy readability. 


When you get the best fitness tracker under $50, you must check whether the device only vibrates to notify or shows the data on display. The notifications like the name of the person who is calling you should be visible. Caller Id is a must feature of a fitness tracker, regardless of the price of a fitness tracker. 

Step Tracking 

Many people buy fitness trackers to know the number of steps they walk daily; this motivates them for walking and keeps the fitness level enhanced. Go for the device that offers accurate step tracking. 

Heart Rate Monitor

It is one of the dicey features that some fitness trackers do not offer. While you buy the best fitness tracker under $50, you must get one that provides heart rate monitoring. When you are in your workout session, it helps to know your heart rate and burn calories more accurately. 


 Not all fitness trackers have an accurate GPS chip, so before you buy one, check its reviews and then go ahead to buy it. GPS helps in accurate route tracking and distance tracking while running or


Battery Life

 The important tricky point you must keep in mind to buy the best fitness tracker under $50 is battery life. From basics to advanced fitness trackers, four to five days of battery life is a good figure. 


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