Life struggle of Selena Gomez

Life struggle of Selena Gomez

Did you know  Selena’s fame did not help her in her internal misery? what made Selena Gomez cry herself to sleep was being on the verge of dying Selena is struggling since her childhood let’s find out about the life struggle of Selena Gomez

Where it All Begins

Looking at the 28 years old superstar it’s hard to believe that Selena has a rage-to-riches story before stardom the sweeter  the place singer was raised by a single 16 years  old mother

Selena has always been candid about her past sharing they use to live off Ramon noodles and struggled to make end need

in an interview she said

I can remember about seven-time when our car got stuck on the highway because we’d ran out of gas money

Selena Gomez‘s childhood struggle did not end when she entered the showbiz industry

Selena Gomez‘s childhood

at the age of 7 in fact, for Selena, her singing and acting career was a way to escape living on the streets rather than a creative venture. Becoming a Disney darling is a dream come true, yet it did not end all of Selena’s problems

being an influential celebrity and working non-stop took a tall and wizards of Waverly place stat checked into the hospital for the first time in 2011

imagine having 9 schedules so packed you become malnourished after bringing chocolate bars that day alone for shadowed Selena’s tough future that no money in the world would be able to prevent when hospitalization went from being a rare occasion to fortes routine for the star

The Painful Diagnosis 

In between songwriting shoots for cover magazine career and never-ending interviews No person in their 20s is ready for a diagnosis of an incurable autoimmune disease lupus

Selena has brushed off the constant fatigue chest pain fever and soreness like there were no biggie before she was hospitalized often it was the time Salena realized she could no longer carry on with her current lifestyle anymore in January 2014 Selena Gomez stepped away from the limelight to check into the rehab facility and meadows to Arizona

that was the first time the star had to cancel her tour to deal with her illness, later revealing that Selena said


“My self-esteem was short, I was depressed and anxious  I started to have a panic attack right before getting on to the stage or right after leaving the stage  I felt, I was not good enough”


But Selena taking off seemed a luxury to the media outlets,

reporters began consistently speculating about substances and about criticizing the Selena Gomez a year later she was ready to reveal the truth, she had to go through chemotherapy at the time She had to go through chemotherapy at that time

She said
‘ i was diagnosed with lupus. and I’ve been through chemotherapy that’s what my break was really about I couldn’t have had a stroke”


Nobody knows what was actually happening behind the  curtains when Selena Gomez was being criticized for crying during her performance
Back in 2015, Selena broke her silence in an interview with Billboard
”I’m f***king nice to everybody and everyone is so vile to me
I’ve been working since I was 7,
I’ve been a UNICEF ambassador since I was 17, it’s so disappointing that I’ve become a tabloid story ”
Despite the pressure from the media, with the fan’s never-ending support and her mother’s presence by her side through every hardship, Selena Gomez refused to quit
she was ready to back on track with her New Album regaining her fans and going from strength to strength


It got worse In 2016 two years after her first rehab treatment, Selena Gomez gave her fans no hints of relapse, when Selenators were ready to see Selena in all her glory again something happened again
Back on the stage, Selena’s mental health took a downfall, she couldn’t longer hide her anxiety and depression She’d been tracking on stage the whole time,
The much-anticipated revival world tour had a symbolic title that didn’t get to live up to its potential
She had to cancel her glorious comeback not that wasn’t even halfway through it
With more than 30 shows left
even though performing was once a driving force for Selena Gomez. It couldn’t longer sustain her mental health She issued a statement in people magazine explaining that putting her career on hold was the only way she could go on with her life She said
“Selena Gomez Spent three long months in a psychiatric facility in Tennessee which she referred to as the  best thing I have done”

Heart Broken

 During the time in their psychiatric facility, she was meant to have been supported By her loved one  who should be there in her thick and thin time but it didn’t happen

Love That Wasn’t Meant To Be

One of the most talked-about couples of the century Selena and her on-and-off boyfriend Justine Bieber made millions of headlines These two stars made their relationship office in 2011 after their Vanity fair Oscars party appearance together even the hater thought that Selena and Biber were the ride of the die for each other and there was no way that they aren’t gonna end up getting married.
Little did, we know about all the troubling paradise, these three years of relationship exhausted the singer  Selena’s song lyrics are evidence that the rare singer kept her lips sealed about her ongoing personal drama but splitting the 2014 song’‘ The Heart wants it what it wants”
Exposed the dark truth about her relationship with Justin Bieber
The heartbreaking into the music video is Selena’s voice breaking while saying it
”feeling so confident, feeling so great about myself, and then it’d just be completely shattered by one thing, by something so stupid but then you make me feel crazy”
Despite the good moments, vacations together, and all the loved-do very public appearances, the relationship absolutely broke Selena Gomez Causing her mental health issues to escape
It took Year for Selena to get over her emotional breakdown after her split from Justine

Justin Bieber Got Married

The two both moved on to dating other people Selena Gomez had a 10 months relationship with Weekend while Justin Bieber got married within a year of dating Hayley Baldwin Clearly, not everything was as smooth as we pictured
In 2019 Selena was finally ready to release her final saying about the love drama with Bieber
The fans were quick to connect the dots when listening to the loss you to love me a song
The truth is cutting off the toxic relationship was liberating for Selena’s well being


Back in 2017, Selena had been tirelessly working on came to an end once again,  carrying on with her life
With a wide smile and pretending to everyone that she wasn’t slowly dying was too much, even for Billboard women of the year
She said in an interview
‘My kidneys were shutting down and I just keep  mentality was just to keep going ”


Selena Gomez’s body was no longer able to serve its purpose Lupus spread to her kidney and she had to urgently look for a donor The singer knew the chances of finding that actually fit her blood type would be a miracle to come true but that’s exactly what happens

Miracle Happened

In September 2017 Selena shared a tear-jerking post on her Instagram account holding her best friend Francia Rice’s hand saying Francia Ricer gave her ultimate gift
A chance for a second life Instead of waiting months and months, the whole prep procedure took a day for the riser to get tested and agreed to donate her kidney

Another Diagnosis

After having a kidney the fight for her life wasn’t over yet a few hours after the procedure.
The kidney was very active and broke Selena’s Artery, she could’ve died right there but luckily doctors rushed her into emergency surgery and build a new Artery to keep Selena alive
After months of recovery,
 Selena had no intentions of having a rest instead, she focused on giving back to the community before a new diagnosis kicked in


Early 2018 saw Selena back in a Connecticut facility for several weeks
This time Selena Gomez went through another treatment to help her work through her mental health issues.
She spends two weeks in therapy meditating and focusing on proper eating, but sadly nothing helped
Selena Gomez’s mental health was deteriorating, and the series of events that followed made everyone around Selena concerned. She Spanned Jennifer Lopez with weird messages and went live on Instagram, claiming she will never be on a magazine cover ever again
After just a few weeks of taking time off Selena was re-admitted to a mental center twice
The doctors came up with a new diagnosis that made everything fall into place
Selena Gomez went live with Miley Cyrus on her BRIGHT MINDED talk show
Selena revealed the truth about herself
She said
‘you know I had gone to treatment a few time for anxiety and for depression that I had been struggling with after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was Bipolar”


That pivotal point made Selena re-evaluate her whole life
She started seeing a therapist regularly, surrounded herself with positive people, and put her energy into taking care of herself

New Life From Scratch

In 2020, 28-year-old star Selena Gomez returned to music with her new catchy album Rare
The title of that encapsulates her whole being and life path
She told E.T
”I feel like all right, I’m back in the game a bit ”


And the truth is She really is back
Selena Gomez not only reappeared on the Billboard shots but also found her way back into the film industry
She went on the play love interest of Timothee chalamet on a rainy day in New York
Executive produced her own cooking show on HBO and landed on a role in the biographical movie
In the shadow of the mountain

In 2020 before dropping her makeup line rare beauty Selena Gomez was named the leading lady of entertainment by the Latin Recording Academy and won the art award for her mental health advocacy, which is a great success indeed

Last Words

After a long life journey, self-improvement, and health struggle she Selena Gomez was finally able to say
”After a year of a lot of intense work, I’m happier, I’m healthier and I’m in control of my emotions and thoughts more than I have ever been ”
In the end, we must appreciate her for her hard struggle and sharing her journey, and for inspiring us all to move forward no matter what Let’s look forward to more accomplishments to come.

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