How Sound Pollution Is Running Through Our Lives

Sound Pollution

It’s no secret that modernization of  our world gives us remarkable benefits but it also causes a lot of pollution on this earth including

Air pollution, water pollution, and lamprey Bhushan,

Some of us already tried to watch the stars in the sky and might have even witnessed  light pollution but there is one type of pollution that some of us might have noticed

It’s the one that you can’t see, can’t touch, can’t even smell

It’s the pollution of sound or we can say noise pollution

Today, there are lots of places that sound like the hell of sounds and high traffic area is, of course, one of them

What is Noise pollution?

Throughout our history sounds turned more and more into noise but let’s find out what exactly is noise pollution

One of many sounds especially ones that caused the disturbance

We hear millions of different sounds every single minute, thousands of layers on top of each other

So many that we actually are quite overwhelmed and stressed but the thing we got used to these noises, we even become addicted to it somehow in any way

Causes Of Noise Pollution

We created all source of things that makes us more effective and speed up the progress of humanity

Cara, trains, planes, ships, phones, machines, alarm bells, and the list goes on which causes noise pollution

To be honest there are a lot of modern machines

you can’t live without these technologies in the modern world without these sounds we would get up too late and would miss our important calls and all that


We Are Addicted To Noise Pollution

all we want is to have the loudest headphones, the loudest speakers, and love to go to the loudest concerts.

We relate to noise on a  subjective level which is conditioned by the culture

Noise is often an impression of power

My point is

1 Why In Warly War Battles That Drummers Beat The Drums So Loud?

you might have watched Game of Thrones  in Stannis Baratheon’s army his drummer  beat the drums  louder before attacking the king’s landings to  get a powerful atmosphere

It is said that creating a powerful atmosphere help soldiers perform better


2– it’s the same reason why sports cars have loud engines, and why we think damn cool when we drive a sports car

In my opinion, we aren’t just addicted to noise but sometimes we also just try to avoid silence

Whenever we find ourselves in a quiet situation without the baffling sound of the city we try to fill the voice with other sounds, we start; listening to the music when we are on the bus or train alone sitting on a corner

Put the radio on the car while driving  alone and turn on some random tv show in the background while we are at the home trying to avoid or we can say escap[e the silence

Because deep down we aren’t very used to the silence and it scares us in some ways

Gorden Hampton said


Gordon Hampton’s mission is to go to some places of the world; most remote places in order to record natural and environmental sounds and to track the amount of sound pollution

According to his documentaries

There is almost no place on this earth where no noise of human machines can be heard for more than just 10 minutes

The point is the world where we live is becoming noisier and noisier

Today the average noise level of 98 decibels (dB) exceeds the value of 50 dB    allowed per residential area so it’s almost twice as high as it should be and with that comes a lot of consequences

Effect Of Noise Pollution On Humans

Noise pollution has a very bad effect on us, humans, it causes the following

  • High street level
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Focus problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing loss
  • Increased distraction

Effect Of Noise Pollution On Wildlife

Where noise pollution is affecting humans it has also affected the wildlife

With an impact on the wildlife, we don’t even have to start

As many animals rely on their sense of hearing to detect predators of  prey

The risks of death increase and some species  have already become instinct because of noise pollution


To sum it up where sound pollution has a bad effect on everyone’s life it also has a good effect

However, we should try to keep its level always down for us and the animal’s sake

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