How To Make The Best Product Images


product image is a big issue to deal with for e-commerce retailers. They have to take care of their product image as much as they are the real product. In a brick-and-mortar type business, there is some common scene that is seen every day. Such as the shop owner used to clean all products in the store to keep them free from dust. They are more likely to take care of products so that they would be harmed by anything.


Similarly, in the online e-commerce business, retailers have to pay a lot to prepare their product image. As they have to show product images in the storefront to make sense to their customers. the product image acts like a real product in such a process.

If the product images aren’t managed properly, they would fail to have the attraction of people. That means retailers wouldn’t get sales through them. This is why e-commerce retailers should pay attention to their product images to manage them properly.


Either you have an e-commerce store or you are thinking of having one for business, you already know this option. And you are here to get some knowledge on how you can take care of your e-commerce product image.


Well, you can do this simply if you follow these steps,

  • capture high-quality product photos with DSLR or a good smartphone camera
  • include white background into those images removing the real one using clipping path service
  • apply initial edit options that are necessary for product images
  • properly optimize product images to make them perfect for image search

How To Ensure The Perfect Product Image




We have seen some steps that are necessary to take to ensure the perfect product image for the e-commerce business above. You should have to follow those steps if you wish to make a profit with an e-commerce business.

As you are here to get some potential information on this issue, we would gather some of them here below. Just check it carefully and don’t forget to apply it in practice.


First is first, Take The Camera And Position Your Product


First of all, you have to take the product image in the best way you can. Product images should have to capture with a high-quality camera that has a strong focus and capturing options.


It would be best if you have a DSLR camera to manage images of your product because they come with high functionality. Don’t have a DSLR? No problem, you still have the chance to go with your smartphone’s camera.

But you have to ensure that your smartphone includes a better camera that is able to take at least a clear picture of products. not to worry, there are so many e-commerce retailers, who don’t have a DSLR but are going smoothly with their online business.

Although, you should have some other initial types of equipment to do the job perfectly. They are,

  • Tripod
  • Artificial lights
  • Umbrella
  • White background
  • Table




How To Make The Best Product Images

 No matter what you are using to capture a product image, you must have this equipment installed in your studio. Tripod will help you to get the highest stable picture without any risk of getting blurred. Sometimes, holding the camera for too long will cause pain in the hand. At that moment, having a tripod will allow you to keep the camera while running your job.


Artificial Light

artificial light for photography

Artificial light is not only used to enlighten your studio but also gives you the ability to draw the light wherever you want. Lighting is great and immense in every photography task. but in product photography, lighting should be done properly to get the best light and shadow feel in the image.

Proper lighting will keep your image’s object looking lively. Many types of artificial lights are available in the market. Buy the actual one that you need most.



Umbrella for photography

Umbrella requires to control the reflection and diffusion of light through the product. you must have at least a black and a white umbrella to keep things smooth and better.


White Background

White Background for photography

You can manage the white background at the time of capturing your image. It is a manual way of adding a white background to the image and it needs white cardboard, paper, or foam. You would have to adjust the white paper or cardboard in the background of your product with tape or any other way.

Although you could get the white background in your image with post-processing techniques like clipping path and others. There are so many popular editing ways to remove image backgrounds and add a white one. 

If you have the skill to do this on your own, then you can easily do that otherwise you have to take the help of a clipping path.



A high table can help you to take pictures of products from a good viewing angle. Choose the best size of the table that seems comfortable to take pictures of you.


Post-Processing Your Product Images


post-processing refers to the task of editing product images by a professional photo editing service. Ecommerce retailers must have to take the help of photo editing agencies. Though there are so many retailers who have photo editing skills and don’t want to pay money to hire a photo editor.


But if truly said, as an online retailer, you have so many things to monitor. You have to handle customers, make contact with new people, do marketing in different sectors, and so on. So, it is better to get in touch with a professional editing agency to make ready your product images.


Don’t go without editing your images because it wouldn’t be better for you. Just a camera photograph isn’t perfect to upload in your online storefront. Even if you do that, you wouldn’t get customers’ attention to them.

If you are an e-commerce retailer and you don’t have the knowledge of how to prepare product images perfectly for your online store. Then, this article will help you because all the necessary steps for having a perfect e-commerce product image are described here clearly.




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