How to look a Decent Bridesmaid

How to look a Decent Bridesmaid

Here comes the day when your best friend is finally getting married and you got the honor to be her bridesmaid A bridesmaid is someone who looks after the bride and stands beside her during the ceremony on such a special day you want to look Amazingly beautiful & decent But you don’t want to look less nor over too much right?

Don’t worry that is why we have written this article to help you in becoming a decent bridesmaid

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Select The Color

If you’re just one bridesmaid or a group of bridesmaids, first of all, you all should agree on the same color You know all bridesmaids wearing the same color will look so cool!

Let’s Discuss Some Color

Brides usually wear white or skin white gawn or shorts depending on the weather, therefore, you must select a color that will match your bride

Suggestion: These are the color you can select for the bridesmaid dresses

  • Pink,
  • Baby pink
  • Sky blue
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Grey

 These are the colors in trending

Consider Skin Tone

Before finalizing your color make sure to check your skin tube first if you’re just one bridesmaid then you can select whatever you want, but if you are a group of bridesmaids you must consider each other’s tune And select the color which will suit on all


Select A Style

After selecting the color, now it’s time to select the style Whether you want to wear shorts or long

In my Open, if the bride is wearing shorts then you must wear a long gawn, and if she’s wearing the long should consider shorts, as it will maintain some balance and look great


Here comes my favorite part of the shopping,

I always said

“if you want to check how fashionable a person is then check his/her shoes and you’ll know all “

So if you’re a-going to wear a short dress then you should consider wearing high heels, remember don’t get yourself troubled if you don’t wear heels Then go with a small touch of heels you know what I mean by half-inch of heels

And if you’re about to wear a long dress then you can wear a small heel just know no one’s gonna see it, so you can wear whatever in your comfortable And coming towards the colors

Don’t be a fool to select the same colors of your shoes and dress

Here comes the trick

Always match the colors of your shoes with your earings and purse

This will look damn amazing!


How to look a Decent Bridesmaid

Other Accessories

It’s time to pick up some perfect accessories such as


  • Earings
  • Bracelet
  • Hairpins
  • Rings
  • Nose rings
  • Pendent



Again here’s a little trick

If you’re wearing a short dress with high heels then go with some big earings And vise versa

And to save some money you can use, Which you already have,

Silver color earings could match with almond every dress



Try to match your bracelet with your earings, if not that’s okay too

Give with whatever suits you



You don’t need to shop for the same rings for your group of bridesmaids

Try whatever suits you

Hair Pins

To get an amazing hairstyle try to give it a little decent look by using some hairpins that match your dress


Nose Ring 

If you use a nose ring. then try to make its size smaller

Otherwise, it won’t  look attractive



Don’t get a heavy pendant because you’re a bridesmaid not the real bride

The smaller and simpler pendant will absolutely look good on you


Share your ideas 

It’s always the best idea to share whatever you have in mind with your group On any topic about your hairstyles, dress color, Necklaces, shoes, or other accessories

Don’t forget to check the rest of our blog for more interesting ideas

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