How to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are becoming the most common disorder these days 1 in 10 people will have a kidney stone over the cause of a lifetime.

Don’t get panicked if you find you have kidney stones or you just think that you have, in this article we are going to give some natural health tips on how to prevent kidney stones naturally Health experts

recommend staying hydrated and reducing the consumption of food that increase the risks of kidney stones Here are ways to prevent Kidney stones naturally

1- Stay Hydrated

when urine contains more fluid,  it is more likely that minerals are salts that will form stones Darker urine is a sign of dehydration, Urine should usually appear pale yellow

therefore experts recommend that a person must drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, Well it’s also found in research that drinking a lot of water could help you in losing weight and, clearing your skin, well let just stick to the point of preventing kidney stones

2- Reduce salt intake 

Salt can increase water retention in a body lead to dehydration

It also increases the amount of calcium in your urine experts suggest that adults should keep their daily salty intake below 2300 mg

This is equal to 1 teaspoon of salt

Some examples of higher salt foods :

  1. Chips

  2. Deli and smoked meats

  3. Packaged and Prepared meals


3-Limit food with Calcium Oxalate

Kidney stones are made of many different compounds these include urine acid, Struve, and cysteine

The most common type of kidney stone involves  Calcium oxalate,

According to a study of nearly 44,000 kidney stones, the study found that 67% were composed mainly of calcium oxalate

Doctors usually only recommend restricting oxalate intake to those at high risk of kidney stones Or those with high oxalate level


Consuming calcium alongside oxalate-rich food may reduce the risk of kidney stones because it permits the binding of the chemicals together before they reach the kidney

Food that contains a high level of oxalate includes



  1. Cranny juice

  2. Potatoes

  3. Soybeans

4-Limit Animal Proteins

You should also limit animal protein such as red meat, poultry eggs, and seafood

Animal proteins increase the level of uric acid and could lead to kidney stones

A high proteins diet also reduces the level of citrate

Citrate is a chemical in urine that helps prevent stones from forming


5-Use honey and lemon

Researchers also found that using lemon and honey in your diet also reduces the risks of kidney stones

Both are also  best for getting a glowing skin 


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