How To Get A Business Phone Number

How To Get A Business Phone Number

The verdict is out: almost nine in 10 consumers still prefer to talk to a human agent. In fact, 71% say they’re unlikely to choose a brand without human-based customer service. That’s why even in today’s digital world, brands still need a business phone number. One that allows their customers to speak to a human agent.

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s best that you learn how to get a business phone number. The sooner you get one, the sooner you can get those potential buyers calling in.

Ready to learn all about reliable business phone numbers and what your options are? Then be sure to keep reading!

Why Person-to-Person Voice Calls Prevail

Apart from email communications, customer service is now also done via chatbots. Chatbots allow for fast and live communication, so they’re no doubt better than emails.
Still, they can’t beat human-to-human voice correspondence. In fact, over half of internet users in the US say they still prefer live help to online chat help.

The reason is simple: humans, being humans, crave human connection. Chatbots may be fast and convenient, but they still have limitations. They’re smart, but they can’t answer questions beyond what’s programmed into them.

More than that, humans would rather rely on other humans than chatbots. A Google study confirms this. It found that 61% of mobile buyers say that they find it vital to be able to call a seller when buying products.

All these further highlights the need for brands to get a business phone number.

How to Get a Business Phone Number the Traditional Way

Your first (but perhaps dated) option is to apply for traditional landline service. Local telephone companies will install the phone line at your office. You’ll get a “fixed” (wired or wireless) handset that calls to your new business number will route to.

The term “fixed” here means that the phone is directly tied to your office location. Meaning, you can’t take it anywhere else, unlike a mobile phone. You need to be physically there to pick up the phone and take all calls that go through.
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One benefit of landlines is that most local landline-to-landline calls are “free”. Or at least, they’re already part of your monthly bill. Landline to mobile or overseas phone numbers will cost more though.

Get a Separate Mobile Phone for Business Use

Another way to get a business number is by applying for a mobile phone. If you already have a postpaid mobile service, you may be able to get a second one under your existing account. Ask your current provider if they can make this change and addition to your account.

If so, ask your telecom provider if they’ll give you a deal or discount for the second line. This is better and much more convenient than relying on a landline. Since it’s a mobile phone, you can carry it around with you.
Keep in mind, however, that all calls you’ll make via this line are billable minutes. Your callers will also get billed for every minute unless they have an “unlimited” plan.

Go With a Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are “free to call” telephone numbers. This means, that whoever is calling such a number doesn’t have to worry about pricey call charges. This alone is already a plus for customers, as they don’t have to use their valuable minutes to contact you.

Instead, you — the owner of the number — pay for the call charges. However, toll-free numbers cost far less than traditional long-distance landline charges. That’s why toll-free numbers are often used by customer service departments.

These numbers come with three-digit codes that make them highly distinctive. The most common is the 800 number, which even the most well-established brands (like Sony and Apple) use.
It’s not just your customers who’ll benefit from toll-free numbers though. Your business will, as well.

For starters, toll-free numbers are more professional-looking than landline or mobile numbers. They can help boost your business’ credibility, so consumers will find it easier to trust.

In addition, toll-free numbers are easier to remember, especially the vanity ones. Vanity numbers are those that you can customize to reflect your business.

For instance, if you’re a florist in Los Angeles, your vanity number can be 1800 LA FLOWER. The “LA FLOWER” part equates to “52356937” on a phone’s keypad. LA FLOWER is way easier to remember than a series of random-looking digits.

To top everything off, you can transfer or “port over” a toll-free number on any existing phone line you have. This includes current landlines, mobile phones, and even VoIP systems. So, not only do you save money — you can also answer calls to your 800 number anywhere you may be.

Consider Adding a VoIP System

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”. As the term suggests, VoIP systems let you make and take calls over an internet connection. You can get a standalone VoIP business phone, but you can also use a smartphone for VoIP calls.

You need to have a stable internet connection with a VoIP though. That’s why it’s best used as an addition to a physical phone, such as an 800-number handset or smartphone. This way, people can still reach you even if you “run out” of data or be outside an internet coverage area.

Let Your Customers Get in Touch With You Easily

There you have it, everything you need to know about how to get a business phone number. Now that you know what your options are, you can better decide which one suits your business best. To be able to provide outstanding customer service though, a toll-free number may be your best bet.

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